Simplifying Digital Payments: A Quick Guide on How to Generate ATM PIN

An ATM PIN has to be immediately set when a bank issues you a debit or credit card. It is a combination of 4 digits that you set manually to secure future digital transactions. 

Setting an easy-to-remember PIN minimises your reliance on the ‘Forgot PIN’ option. You must ensure this dependency gets reduced soon otherwise anytime the banking authorities may restrict access to your account for security reasons. 

In this guide, you will learn about how to generate an ATM PIN successfully and what are some ways to simplify digital transactions.

Steps to Generate ATM PIN

ATM PIN generation is a quick and easy procedure that can be accomplished both online and offline. We have discussed both methods so that you can select one at your convenience.

  • Online Debit Card PIN Generation Process 

You can either select the mobile app of your banking partner or simply log into the web portal to generate the PIN. Here, we have first listed down the steps for PIN generation using the mobile application:

Step 1: Install the bank’s mobile app, open it and sign in with your account details.

Step 2: If you are maintaining multiple accounts, choose the one against which you previously applied for the ATM card.

Step 3: Find the option ‘ATM Card Services’ and next head to the option ‘Generate PIN’. 

Step 4: Enter a 4-digit numeric code twice to confirm the PIN.

Step 5: Verify the entered details by submitting the OTP sent to your registered phone number.

After executing all these steps, you will have successfully set your ATM PIN online. By entering this PIN you can withdraw cash and also transact online without any hassle. 

Now, let us discuss how to generate an ATM PIN with the help of net banking services. These are the steps you must follow:

Step 1: Sign in to your net banking account.

Step 2: Select the bank account for which the ATM card has been issued by the authorities.

Step 3: You will find the tab ‘ATM Card Services’. Click on it and then select the option ‘Generate PIN’.

Step 4: Set a 4-digit debit card PIN and then re-enter it to get confirmation.

Step 5: Verify the proceedings by entering the OTP sent to your phone number. 

Now, you can start using your card for any digital transaction. 

  • Offline Debit Card PIN Generation Process 

If you intend to generate the ATM PIN by offline means you can easily do so by accessing three different channels:

  • PIN Generation Through an ATM Outlet

To execute this method you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit any nearby ATM kiosk with the ATM card.

Step 2: Insert the card in the designated slot and select the option ‘Generate PIN’.

Step 3: In case the bank previously set a temporary PIN, first you will be asked to enter it correctly. 

Step 4: Once you enter this code, you receive an OTP. Enter it to proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Many banks can ask you to type in the account number or registered mobile number to further consolidate the security checks. 

Step 6: After you pass the verification stage, set a fresh 4-digit PIN and confirm it again to get the task completed.

  • Setting Up PIN via SMS

If your bank has not set a temporary PIN, you can opt for the SMS method. In those cases, to complete the PIN generation, follow these steps:

Step 1: After you receive the temporary OTP, visit an ATM within the allotted window.

Step 2: Click on ‘Generate PIN’ option after inserting the ATM card.

Step 3: Carefully enter the temporary PIN and select ‘Confirm’.

Step 4: Now, enter a fresh ATM PIN twice and press the ‘Submit’ button to reach the confirmation status.

  • Setting Up PIN by Requesting the Customer Care Officials

This method involves an on-call conversation with the bank’s customer care agents. Here are the detailed steps for your ease:

Step 1: Look for the customer care number on the bank’s official website. Call them and request a PIN activation against an issued card. 

Step 2: Read out your card number and account number to a designated personnel, once they authenticate your request, they initiate an OTP. It must be used within a few hours.

Step 3: Visit a nearby ATM and select the ‘Generate PIN’ option after inserting your card.

Step 4: Enter the given OTP and press the ‘Confirm’ button.

Step 5: Enter a fresh debit card PIN twice to confirm PIN generation before finally clicking on ‘Submit’. 

How to Withdraw Money from an ATM?

Wondering how to withdraw money from an ATM? As we mentioned before, once a PIN has been set, your ATM card is eligible for regular digital payments. During an online purchase, we simply provide the data printed on a card, but this process is a bit different while withdrawing cash. These are the steps:

Step 1: Insert your ATM card in the card slot.

Step 2: Select a language from the given options.

Step 3: Enter the 4-digit set PIN.

Step 4: Now, please select a mode of transaction and account type.

Step 5: Enter your desired amount. You may see the denomination(s) available and adjust your request accordingly.

Step 6: In this final step you can either prefer printing a receipt or simply end this process by clicking on the ‘No Receipt’ option. Also, if you wish to make another withdrawal, click ‘yes’, otherwise select ‘no’.

Step 7: Collect your cash and count it carefully before leaving the kiosk.

After reading this article now you will know how to generate an ATM PIN in all possible ways. Though some people prefer not using these instruments as they think the associated processes to be complex, in reality, a debit card simplifies most of your transactions. It becomes easy to get some cash in an emergency, for which you had to previously wait for official banking hours, stand in lengthy queues and fill out complicated forms for withdrawal.


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