SKEWDECK is Raising the Bar for Others in the Clothing Business in India

The much-talked-about clothing brand from Odisha has become a top choice for many fashion lovers in recent times.

Isn’t it surreal to know and learn about all those brands and businesses that, over the years, make sure to raise the bar for others and their contemporaries in their respective industries? Well, the world has been a witness to the rise of too many such businesses but it is only a few rare gems that stand distinctive from the rest in more ways than one. Thus, people must learn more about them and understand what makes them stand apart from the rest. The clothing and apparel industry is one to have noticed a steady increase in growth and revenue since years across the world, but it is brands like SKEWDECK that have been making all the difference there is in the industry today.

It is necessary to see how rising brands like SKEWDECK have been growing and showing constant signs of success to understand how with even a great vision and ideas people can start with something on a small scale and then grow to their desired success levels in the industry. Although competition has been inevitable especially in this industry, which has seen some of the biggest apparel brands worldwide, one must also appreciate how brands like SKEWDECK have been leaving no stone unturned in getting ahead in the industry and gaining the momentum and success they seek as a team.

SKEWDECK was founded by a passionate business personality named Raunak Singh & SOREN Singh, who taking inspiration from his businessman father took the risk to create something as amazing as this brand that today has gone ahead in offering people the best streetwear drips in India for men and women, serving as a unisex brand.

SKEWDECK offers a unique vibe to people through powerful clothing that can add to people’s personal style in more ways than one. The recently launched brand is already gaining the attention of many across India and attaining massive momentum.

To know more, follow it on Instagram @skewdeckindia.


Ajay Deep

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