Skoda Rapid Monte Carlo Re-Branded As Skoda Rapid Edition X Due to A Clothing Company in Ludhiana

Skoda India had recently unveiled the Skoda Rapid Monte Carlo edition that came with an extra set of features that already existed in Rapid’s top of the line variant. Skoda India had started receiving the bookings of the Monte Carlo Skoda Rapid and the deliveries were to start soon enough.

Meanwhile, a Ludhiana based woollen clothing brand has gone into a legal battle with Skoda India sighting copyright infringement. Well, the Ludhiana based clothing company has now won the battle which has forced Skoda to take alternate measures.

What is Skoda India’s legal battle with Ludhiana based company?

Skoda India had unveiled the Monte Carlo edition of the Skoda Rapid a few months ago and had also started receiving booking amounts for the same. The deliveries were to start by October but a Ludhiana based company took the Czech Automaker to court. What actually happened is that the Ludhiana based woollen clothing brand is named Monte Carlo and is pretty famous in the northern region.  Monte Carlo has won the legal dispute and the court has ruled out Skoda India from using the Monte Carlo name on its cars in India. Therefore, Skoda Rapid Monte Carlo is called Skoda Rapid Edition X.

Features of the new Skoda Rapid Edition X:

The Skoda Rapid Edition X has just been rebadged from the Skoda Rapid Monte Carlo and is essentially the same car inside. The new Edition X comes with Black front grille and dual tone alloy wheels. A black spoiler and diffuser are also offered. The Skoda Rapid Edition X has two colour options red and white and both come with a black tinted roof. The interiors of the car are now all black and have leather seats with red stitching.

A Touchscreen infotainment system is also available which adds the functionality of Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Stainless Steel pedals for clutch, brake and accelerator are also a part of the special edition car. The Skoda Rapid Edition X will be available at a slight premium over the existing models of the Skoda Rapid which range from 10.75 lakhs to 13.25 lakhs.

Source: Autocar


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