9 Government Schools of Chandigarh are now Smart Schools

Leaving behind the old teaching methods, Chandigarh Education Department has introduced smart classes in as many as nine government schools of Chandigarh to enhance the learning environment. Trying to be at par with top private schools of Chandigarh, this is the first time that the central government has took the initiative to make government schools as smart schools.

A pilot project took off in these schools from April session which aimed towards providing digital education to students. Over 200 classrooms have been provided with digital equipments including digital boards, visuals & animation aids, projectors etc. This has been done with the help of a private company named “Extra Marks” that has some top private schools across India as its clients. The response from these 200 smart classrooms in 9 government schools of Chandigarh has been immensely productive. Apart from making children learn things in a new way, it also helps in more concentration & engagement.

Special sessions were organized for teachers working at government schools in Chandigarh for the proper implementation of smart classrooms.

Government Schools in Chandigarh That are now Smart Schools.

The 9 government schools of Chandigarh which have been converted into smart schools with over 200 smart classrooms include:

  • GMSSS, Sector 19
  • GMSSS, Sector 35
  • GMSSS, Sector 20
  • GMSSS, Sector 18
  • GMSSS, Sarangpur
  • GHS, Sarangpur
  • GMSSS, Timber Market, Sector 26
  • GHS, Sector 54
  • GMHS, Dhanas

Chandigarh Education Department is thinking of adding more smart classrooms to government schools in Chandigarh. A total of 1000 classrooms will be made digital smart classrooms in Chandigarh. the move would benefit students in a huge way.

Many schools across India are adopting smart teaching techniques so that they can boost about their smart classrooms but in Chandigarh, even the government schools are smart schools. Chandigarh is surely a model city for all other cities of India and has shown that it is concerned about the quality of education in its government schools.

Image Credits: Hindustan Times

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