Smart LED Lights are Coming to Chandigarh Roads & Each Pole to Have a Distress Button

You all might have seen the street lights on Chandigarh Roads. While some roads have white lamps but many still have the traditional yellow coloured bulbs. As a step to beautify Chandigarh and make it a smart city, Chandigarh Administration has decided to install smart LED lights on city roads. The roads and streets of Chandigarh will not just have white coloured LED lights, but these smart LED light poles will also be Smart as every pole will have a distress button. Yes, a distress button on light poles and it could be pressed by anyone who needs immediate help.

Yes, this is true. Sounds Interesting? Read on!

As an estimate, over 52,000 lights in Chandigarh will be replaced by the smart LED lights in Chandigarh. The work for the same will be started by a private company very soon.

Highlights of LED Lights

Chandigarh Municipal Administration has invited the tenders and 3 private companies have given the presentation for the same before the UT Administrator VP Singh Badnore. Till, now the decision is pending with MC that which company will carry forward the work of installation of the smart LED lights in Chandigarh. Some major highlights of these LED lights and Distress Button on poles are:

  • Distress button on each pole for an emergency situation.
  • Centralized Controlling System.
  • Light dimming feature. Lights will automatically dim between midnight and 4 AM saving electricity.
  • Facility of Wi- Fi routers on each pole.
  • Air pollution monitoring gadgets to be placed on LED street light poles.
  • Energy-Saver Lights.

With these features, we can even expect many new additional features in the smart LED light system in Chandigarh that will help the residents of Chandigarh and the outsiders to find a way to get rid of any trouble. Some smart GPS system can even be expected in the light points so that people can find their way easily.

Benefits of the New LED Light System

The new smart LED lights projects will cost around Rs. 60 crore. This has been incorporated in the city to ensure the safety and security of the people residing in Chandigarh. In order to curb the crime rate in Chandigarh, the MC has decided to put the distress button facility on each light pole of the city, so that person who is in trouble can immediately press the button to get rid of the troubled situation.

How will Distress Button Work?

By pressing the distress button on light pole, 50 to 100 street lights in the nearby area will start blinking. This would alert the residents that someone is in trouble and immediate help can be expected. The distress button will also be linked to the UT police control room and it would automatically inform the nearest PCR.

With the smart LED lights MC ensure that the crimes like snatching, eve-teasing, robbery will reduce in Chandigarh. Let’s see when Chandigarh actually gets this amazing LED light system with distress button.


Ajay Deep

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