Smog Takes A Hit At Schools in Mohali | Timings Changed To 10 AM – 3 PM

We just brought the news of pollution levels being at an all-time high in Chandigarh and surrounding areas, and now it seems like it has taken a hit at Mohali school timings. Mohali’s District Magistrate cum Deputy Commissioner Gurpreet Kaur Sapra has ordered all the Mohali schools to change their timings with respect to bad weather. The order is applicable to both Government and Private Schools of Mohali. As per Gurpreet Kaur Sapra’s orders schools will now function five hours a day from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM until the 18th of November.

Sapra’s school decision comes at a time when Smog related accidents are at a rise in Mohali.

District Magistrate cum Deputy Commissioner of Mohali Gurpreet Kaur Sapra might have taken a tough decision but ensured that the functioning hours of the schools were changed for the safety of children of Mohali schools. The newspaper is full of horrific accidents that occur due to the smog in the state on a daily basis.

Most Mohali schools followed a winter schedule and function from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM which meant that the students had to be on their way early in the morning. Taking into consideration the fact that visibility is a huge issue in the early hours of the day Sapra wanted to make sure that no children were in danger that was travelling to Mohali schools. The order passed will be into effect until the 18th of November but it may be revised again if the weather conditions in Mohali do not improve.

Smog has claimed the lives of two dozen people in Punjab in the early days of winter.

The pollution levels in the city of Chandigarh and surrounding areas like Mohali were recorded at an all time high last week. The fog in early mornings has claimed the lives of two dozen people in Punjab already. The haunting story of two different incidents from Ferozepur and Bhucho Mandi have been covered extensively and bring the horror of smog to light. The decision of change in Mohali school timings comes into effect for the safety of city’s school students.

Source: Tribune

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