Link of Kashmir to India Breaks Due to Heavy Snowfall | Mughal Road & Srinagar-Leh Highway Shut-Down

This seasons first heavy snowfall hits Jammu and Kashmir, shutting down the alternative link of Kashmir with rest of the Country. As per the latest media reports, many high altitude areas of Jammu and Kashmir have witnessed heavy snowfall. On account of this snowfall, the Mughal Road, and the Srinagar-Leh Highway has been closed down for any sort of vehicular traffic. As per some of the relevant sources like Hindustan Times, the snowfall was eventually 2 inches dropping the temperature in Jammu by 6 degrees.

Road Linking Kashmir to India Shuts-down Due to Heavy Snowfall

20 Km stretch along the Mughal Road have accumulated the two-feet of snow making the commutation impossible through the Mughal Road. As per the reports, this is seasons first heavy snowfall. This snowfall was accounted on Friday that is 17th November 2017. Since then no vehicle crossed through the Poonch or Shopian. Besides regular efforts of the officials, bad weather prohibited the officials to clear the roads. Where the alternative link between Kashmir and rest of the Country has shut-down there, the all-weather link that is Jammu-Srinagar Highway is still open.

Although the highway is open to commute still the weather authorities has rolled out the announcement stating to avoid night travel as there is the possibility of landslides and shooting of stones. On 15th November 2017, the Kishtwar-Anantnag road was covered with 3 feet of snow. According to the Jammu and Kashmir weather telecast, Srinagar has recorded the minimum temperature of 2.8 degrees Celsius.

This continuous snowfall and rainfall in the areas of Jammu and Kashmir have been troubling the country’s Commuting facilities. As per the recent news flashes, the alternative route joining the Kashmir with the rest of the country has shut-down due to heavy rainfall. As per the weather forecast committee, the weather is still to deteriorate and the temperature is still going to drop. After the news came of Manali-Rohtang road shutting down this is the second incident that has been caused because of heavy snowfall.

Authorities have announced the risk of Landslide and Shooting of Stones on the Jammu-Srinagar Highway. Also, the Jammu and Kashmir authorities have requested people to avoid night travel.

Source – Hindustan Times 


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