10 Awesome Pictures From Yesterday That Made Chandigarh Look Like Shimla

Winters in Chandigarh are a delight. Few days after the Christmas and New year’s eve, the entire city of Chandigarh was again seen in a festive mood. Almost everyone from kids to youngsters and from middle age people to older ones were excited as it snowed in Chandigarh. Well, if you still don’t believe that Chandigarh can get snowfall, then you need to go through these pictures below and relish them to actually believe that Chandigarh was painted white!

Snowfall in Chandigarh (Jan 2017)

It all started with heavy rainfall on 6th Jan, 2017 and a massive hailstorm soon followed. The hailstorm what we call “Ole” were cubicles of ice but they were soft as snow. Roads in the city were painted white and the soft balls of ice could be seen almost everywhere.


The front windshield of this car shows it all.


A road that shows that it snowed in Chandigarh


White car and white road.


A street view from first floor of a house.


Another street in Chandigarh painted white.


A parking area in a market in Chandigarh.


And this street in Chandigarh got some extra snow.


A guy making snowballs in Chandigarh.


Red light points.


Yet another street painted white in Chandigarh.

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