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Today, it is much easier to be the first to learn the soccer live scores, because for this it is enough to choose a reliable resource. The site of sports statistics is exactly the place where you can not only learn the results of matches, but also learn additional information about your favorite teams.

The upcoming season promises to please the fans with an interesting fight for the gold medals in the Premier League. Last time, Manchester City outrun Liverpool by just 1 point. Fans of football have not seen such a tense struggle for a long time. Next year, the Reds will try to take revenge, although it will be extremely difficult to do it.

The fact is that soccer livescores of Guardiola’s team clearly indicate that it has a serious margin of safety, which should be enough to win many more titles.

Manchester City was a cut above all rivals (except for Liverpool, which actually went through the Premier League at the same level as the Citizens) in all domestic English competitions. Naturally, it will be extremely difficult to keep all trophies, but Guardiolas squad has all the necessary resources for new victories.

Most interesting Manchester City fixtures

It is still difficult to distinguish the most interesting confrontations among Manchester City fixtures. Exhibition matches during the summer can hardly be called such. However, in August we can expect to get a number of interesting confrontations. The previous season clearly demonstrated that every point can be decisive at the finish line. That is why the City simply doesnt have time to look for its game for a long time and hope to get any result other than winning gold medals.

In order to help the club to achieve the goal, Guardiola’s team should use the following trump cards:

  1. Individual skills of the leaders.
  2. Long bench. Long bench. Here, even the best players in England and Europe can not always count on a place in the starting lineup. The great proof of this fact is Mahrez and Sane.
  3. Tactical genius of Guardiola.

After winning all the trophies in the domestic arena, one of the priority goals of the Citizens for the upcoming is surely a victory in the Champions League. At the international level, the level of competition is, of course, noticeably higher, but the more valuable the success will be. Guardiola loves new challenges and, it seems, his team is ready to conquer another summit.

You can learn more about the upcoming fixtures of Manchester City, as well as the statistics of its players’ on the reliable resource. Here, all data is updated in real time, which allows you to keep abreast of events and learn a lot more about your favorite team.


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