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The government of Jammu and Kashmir has ordered a ban on twenty-two social media sites all across the state. The stern action was taken by the administration to maintain law and order in the valley. These twenty-two websites will not be operational for the period of one month till the situation calms down across the valley.

Social websites that are banned in J & K

In a step to stop the increasing hatred against the security forces and the government, the Jammu and Kashmir government has ordered to stop social media sites that includes Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat and much more.

Reason for the ban of social media sites in J&K

The government has reasoned that ban on social media sites is necessary to curb the intentions of anti-social and anti-national elements from inciting rumours and violence. The main trigger to ban these sites was many videos going viral on these sites about the alleged atrocities by the security forces on Kashmiris. Some of the videos depict the security agencies taking the young stone pelters in the valley to task. This was done by the security agencies to send a loud and clear message to the stone pelters that if they continue to protect the local militants by pelting stones on security forces during the military operations, they will be dealt strictly.

How will the banning of social media websites hamper the Kashmiris

BSNL was initially facing problems in banning social media sites due to technical glitches. However, the month-long ban on the operation of social media sites would cut off the valley people from rest of the world. The Kashmiris will not be able to surf the global trending topics and vice versa will be the case as people from around the world will not be able to access the news of  J&K.

Though the state government is hopeful in curbing the anti-national sentiments and protests by putting ban on the social media sites but the problem has to be tackled in a better-organised way. The J&K government wants to deal with the situation in the valley while developing the state and indulging locals in talks in a democratic way.

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