Sodomised One-Year-Old Baby Dies in Mohali

A year and a half child died in Mohali after being allegedly sodomised on Monday morning. The one-year-old baby died at a village in Dera Bassi area in district Mohali. It was reported that the police has not been able to identify the attacker yet but has registered a case of murder. The Police officials have also not confirmed sodomy as they said it will be confirmed after receiving the autopsy report. Sodomy is being suspected in the case as the child was found bleeding from his private parts.

One-year-old child dies of sodomy in Mohali

It was reported that a one-year-old boy died at a village near Derabassi in district Mohali. According to the police report (FIR) the child, who belonged to a family of farm labourers, was sleeping with his father in the open in a 10-acre farm outside the house. The father of the one-year-old boy found the child missing in the middle of the night. He and his pregnant wife searched for one-year-old boy inside the house but could not trace him. They made way towards the farm when they saw some unidentified person fleeing from the spot and found the boy in an unconscious state in the grass.

Case registered

The police has registered a case of murder against the unidentified person but the confirmation on whether the one-year-old boy died of sexual assault or not will be confirmed only after the autopsy report. The police suspected sodomy as the boy was found bleeding from his private parts. The one-year-old boy who allegedly died of sodomy in a village in Mohali district used to stay in the house in the middle of a 10-acre farm with his four sisters, father and mother who is pregnant.

Efforts made to save the one-year-old boy 

The family rushed the unconscious boy to the civil hospital at Derabassi for first aid. The boy was referred to the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Sector 32 in Chandigarh from the civil hospital. From GMCH in Sector 32, Chandigarh the boy was again referred to PGIMER  where he could never reach. Sensing that the boy had already died, the family returned to the village in Mohali district with the body of the boy. The family had not informed the police about the incident till returning home. The family informed the police after the one-year-old boy’s death.

Source: Times of India


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