Sofia Hayat Sexually Assulted at Mecca (Video) | She Was With Her Fiance

Sofia Hayat claimed in a video that she has been sexually assaulted at Mecca in Saudi Arabia – The holiest city of Islam. Sofia Hayat went to Mecca with her fiance Vlad. Feeling sad about the incident, Sofia said that Islam does not teach abusing women. It teaches to respect women and she was shocked by the incident that happened to her.

Sofia Hayat at Mecca

Sofia Hayat, the actress went to Mecca for her second Umrah. She was accompanied by Vlad who is her fiance. She was in the women’s queue and was trying to touch the black stone(which is at the centre of Mecca) when she felt something at her back.

Sofia also hinted that men due to their physical strength give no space to women at Mecca.

About the Incident

According to the Instagram post by Sofia Hayat herself, she has accused a man of pressing his genitals against her back while she was at Mecca and was trying to touch the black stone. Due to rush, she might not have been able to catch the person at that point but Sofia felt sorry for what people think when they are at the most religious place of Islam.

In the video which seems to be made after the incident from a hotel room, Sofia Hayat’s fiance is also seen in the background.

Sofia said that she was pushed so hard that she was unable to breathe. She was scared and decided to look back. As she did so, her hijab came off. She added that due to rush and pushing, she would have got strangled but luckily some good men saw her and rescued her.

Instagram Video


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