Solar Eclipse (Surya Grahan) 2018 India: Last Eclipse of the Year on 11 August | Know Timing and Duration

Solar Eclipse 2018: India to witness a partial Surya Grahan on 11 August 2018. After one of the longest Lunar Eclipse/ Chandra grahan on 27 July, India is all set to witness the next eclipse of the year on 11 August. Although it has also been said that the solar eclipse of 11 August will be the last eclipse of the year 2018.

Although this will be a partial solar eclipse/ Surya Grahan for the year 2018 but will not be visible in India on 11 August. Even some parts of the World as well will witness the partial solar eclipse on 11 August 2018. Know the timing and duration of the Surya Grahan August 2018 below.

Solar Eclipse/ Surya Grahan August 2019: Timing & Duration in India

A solar eclipse occurs, when Moon, the sun and the earth aligned in the same straight line. Whereas the partial solar eclipse will appear when the moon covers some part of the Sun. On 11 August 2018, the World will witness the partial solar eclipse or Surya Grahan but it will not be visible in India. The most of the Solar eclipse 2018 in August will appear in the Northern part of the World.

As far as the timing and duration of the Surya Grahan in India are concerned on 11 August 2018, it will start at 1.20 Pm in the Noon and will be there for the duration of 3 and a half hours. NASA will be showing the phenomenon live in the World.

Apart From India, Solar Eclipse 2018 will be Visible in Theses countries as well

As its a partial solar eclipse in 2018, it won’t bother the country India. Mostly it will be visible in the Northern Hemisphere, as India is not close to the same, the solar eclipse will not be visible in the country. As per the report of NASA, Surya Grahan 2018 will only visible in the countries like Northern Canada, Scandinavia, parts of Siberia, Central Asia, North-eastern US, Greenland as well as some parts of China on 11 August.

Whereas it has also been out that the people in the North Pole will get to see the 65% of the eclipse and it will be the most partial Solar eclipse of 2018.


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