Sonu Nigam Tweets Use of Loudspeakers at Mosque is Like Forced Religion | Asks When Will it End

Sonu Nigam’s tweet about forced religion has landed him up in trouble. The entire nation is in shock that something of this sort was never ever expected to come from Sonu Nigam’s side. He has commented on Azaan (Morning prayer) – the voice that comes from loudspeakers near his home.

In a tweet that got the attention of his fans as well as media, Sonu Nigam said that the voice coming from Muslim prayers early morning feels like forced religion. He meant to say that these prayers should not be done on loudspeakers so that those who do not wish to listen to them, should bypass the sound.

What’s Sonu Nigam’s goof up on Twitter

After the stand up comedian, Kapil Sharma, Sonu Nigam, an Indian playback singer has become the controversy’s best new child and is creating headlines for his misinterpreted tweets.

The singer has been shamed down for hurting the religious sentiments of the people across India. While his fans are very annoyed by his post on twitter where he had mentioned that Mosques should not have Azaan (morning prayers) on loudspeakers and has questioned that when will such kind of forced religion in India be stopped.

Sonu Nigam’s Tweet battle

As soon as Sonu Nigam tweeted these words, his twitter account was gushed by back to back unpleasant and nasty retweets. Some have written his post as derogatory while some have called this act of the singer as insensitive. Not only this, Sonu Nigam has replied to retweets on his posts by mocking that Mohammed (A Prophet in Islam) wasn’t aware of the electricity when the Islam religion came into existence.

He also wrote that no Gurudwara or Temple uses loudspeakers to pray early in the morning then why he has to wake up early morning every day because of the loud sound coming from the Mosque. He finished it off saying it as gundagardi that has outraged masses on social media.

Mixed reactions of Sonu Nigam’s contemporaries 

In this context, many of his co- singers, actors and musician friends from the industry have come up with the mixed reaction on this incident. Some of them have tried to protect Sonu Nigam by saying that he did not mean to hurt anyone’s feeling but was expressing his views while others have preferred to keep mum on the issue and have kept themselves away from it.

Though Sonu Nigam’s post on social media has left the nation in shock but we would seek the people of tolerant India to stay calm and show the gratitude of acceptance.


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