Speed Governors are Now Compulsory for all School Buses in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a well-disciplined city and is known throughout country for being so. But in recent times, Chandigarh has seen number of cases showing indiscipline regarding traffic rules. But as soon as the city’s prestige was being thought of getting affected, Chandigarh Administration took a step forward to curb the negative factors down. Now, school buses and all transport vehicles including trucks and tempos will have to get equipped with speed governors. A strict mandate, the decision was taken by UT Administration on order to control the running speed of above mentioned vehicles.

What is a Speed Governor?

Speed governor is a speed controlling device which is now mandatory for all the school buses in Chandigarh. Technically, a speed governor also known as speed limiter is used to govern and control the speed of running of a machine/machine part. In case, of vehicles, it is used to set the maximum speed of running for an engine. Apart from school buses, CTU buses and all other transport vehicles will also have to adhere to the mandate and install speed governors. The newly set standards for installing this device is standard AIS: 018. This standard of speed governors needs to be installed in school buses in Chandigarh.

Last Date For Installation:

The last date for installing these speed governors in buses is December 31, 2016. All passenger vehicles and medium/heavy goods carriers also come under this rule. Also with the installations, the set standards as prescribed by Chandigarh Administration needs to be maintained. For school buses in Chandigarh, the orders for installation of speed governors came from the Punjab & Haryana High Court directly.

The Motive Is To Have a Speed Limit Check:

All the transport vehicles (medium/heavy; goods or passenger) which are registered before July 31 this year, need to be equipped with standard speed governors latest by December 31, 2016. A pre-set speed of 80 kmph is suggested as of now but final decision will be from Chandigarh Administration only. For those categories of transport vehicles, that carry hazardous goods should have a speed governor with a speed limit of 60 kmph. These types of vehicles include school buses, local CTU buses, tankers and dumpers and for these also the deadline of 31st December remains the same. Again the final call for deciding the speed limit figure is on Chandigarh Administration only.

Source: The Tribune


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