SpiceJet Offers Chandigarh to Jammu & Jaipur Flights at Flat Rs. 1998

SpiceJet’s daily flights have improved Chandigarh’s air connectivity by manifold with the launch of daily flights by Spicejet to Jammu & Jaipur from Chandigarh city. SpiceJet, renowned for its lowest domestic fares and efficient connectivity has chosen to widen its base by introducing flights that run on a daily basis from the city beautiful. SpiceJet’s adoption of Chandigarh as its baby to give its residents wings to fly to Jammu and Jaipur is a great development in recent times.

SpiceJet’s daily flight from Chandigarh – Details

Known for its nominally priced travel tickets, the daily flight from Chandigarh to Jaipur and Jammu is priced at an amount which you won’t mind shelling bucks out for. Here are the details about timings of arrival and departure from both the places and as to what SpiceJet is offering to the residents of city beautiful.


Highlights of SpiceJet’s flights 

Most eagerly awaited daily flight service from Chandigarh to Jammu and Jaipur, the flights are going to commence from May 5th, 2017. Yes, that’s true !!! In just like 2 days from now, you could experience a travel by air to your favourite holiday destinations and reach there in a jiffy.

  • Lowest priced Fares for passengers with hand baggage only
  • Daily scheduled flights requiring 15 days advance purchase
  • Better connectivity and luxurious travel
  • Fares inclusive of taxes i.e. no hidden charges
  • Limited Seats available along with flexi offers
  • Best on-time performance
  • Additional benefits in terms more than 50% return on cancellation
  • Benefits via additional purchase by providing a sum

 Red | Hot | Spicy | SpiceJet for you in Chandigarh

The prices quoted above are the “Introductory offer” by the SpiceJet airlines to boost up their domestic travel clientage among these destinations. Obviously, when the air travel is much more cost effective and takes less travel time, a fool would opt for rail travel. The hidden untapped potential has been well exploited by SpiceJet which boasts of providing the “lowest fares” of travel in the region.

With their tagline and sticking to their branding of being “No. 1 choice of India”, SpiceJet has it all. So what are you waiting for ? The flights start off soon in INR 1998 onwards, Go grab the early bird offer and fly with your loved ones to your favourite holiday destinations via SpiceJet airlines.

Source: SpiceJet

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