SSC 2018 Forms Invite Protests Over Mandatory ‘Religion Column’ | Is Religious Affiliation In SSC Required?

SSC 2018 forms have invited the wrath of many parents protesting over the ‘religion column’ in the SSC forms which has been made mandatory to be filled. SSC which here stands for Secondary School Certificate under the Maharashtra State Education Board has made a ‘religion column’ mentioned in the form which is made mandatory for the parents of the children appearing for the SSC March 2018 examination. This has raised many questions and eyebrows in question as to the requirement of this kind of religious affiliation in SSC forms at school levels for the kids and their parents. No other form, other than the SSC forms has this sort of a religious affiliation column which makes it all the more humiliating.

Religion Column in SSC 2018 Forms | Here’s What Indian Constitution Says 

The Constitution of India reveals that it is at the end of a person’s discretion that if they choose to opt for a religion or not. That choice is also not limited to any given number of religions. This freedom of choice of religion which has been restricted in the SSC forms for the parents to choose from a given set which the school authorities also force them to choose from the same. The parents urge, if in case SSC forms need to have this set of rules and norms in their SSC forms for the exams, an option of ‘non-believers’ shall also be included.

The parents also protest that if they did not choose any religion in the SSC forms, the school authorities threatened them that their ward shall lose one entire academic year for this act of theirs, which infuriated them further to come out on streets and protest against this unlawful practice of choosing a religion in order to appear for the SSC exam in 2018.

SSC 2018 Forms With Religious Columns | Here’s Why Parents Protest 

Parents of the children filling SSC forms feel dejected and angry over the few options are given to them to choose from the religions that they belong to. The options that have been given to them to choose from in the religion column of the SSC forms range from Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, Muslim etc. What if somebody doesn’t follow any of the aforementioned religions? What if parents have no religion? Could not there be any such facility or option for them to tick in the SSC 208 forms wherein there is respect for those who are atheists. Such raised big questions in the minds of many have raged a fire of protests amongst the parents who feel the disrespectful behaviour of SSC 2018 exam conducting authorities under the State Education Board of Maharashtra.

Also, why there is a need to choose from religions? Is that a necessary step in SSC? Is it really required? What do the authorities aim to judge from this? The big question of all times is ‘Is religious affiliation or association with a certain set of norms that too in SSC exams really required in today’s society?

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