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Dear Starbucks,

Chandigarh, the city beautiful has been desperately looking forward to a Starbucks outlet since a long time. It was in year 2012 when you entered India with your first outlet in Mumbai after striking a partnership with Tata. I appreciate all the stores you have opened in India till date. Taking it forward, I would hereby like to introduce a city in the foothills of Himalayas known as Chandigarh which serves as the capital to 2 prominent north Indian states of Punjab & Haryana.

I know this will not be enough, so here a list of reasons stating why Starbucks should choose Chandigarh as their next destination.

Starbucks should come to Chandigarh because:

  • People of Chandigarh love coffee – cappuccino, latte, expresso, black, with extra sugar, cold, hot etc. In fact people here would be ready to try each and every variant before choosing a favourite one.
  • Everyone is bored of CCD and Barista. People want something new.
  • Many want to have their coffee on the go, so a Starbucks in hand would look cool. (As seen in movies that an actor / actress walks down the street while sipping Starbucks coffee).
  • People over here have a little craze for American food joints.
  • Punjabi’s love enjoying luxury more than they love the taste. (So no worries here).
  • If something tastes good, people soon become addicted. (You’ll be able to make a lot of Starbucks addicts in Chandigarh).
  • Starbucks would become a meeting point for hundreds of start-up founders who discuss business plans. (By the way, did you know Chandigarh is becoming a hub of Start-ups).
  • The young generation (college going crowd) would love to visit Starbucks outlet in Chandigarh with their girlfriends.
  • A lot of profile pictures of Chandigarh girls will automatically show your Starbucks logo in the background. (Giving you free social media marketing).
  • There might be a lot of fake check-ins from city youngsters. (Treat it as free marketing & branding).
  • People will carry the Starbucks disposable cup in their hand while roaming. (Yes! it’s show off, but it’ll be good for you as a brand).
  • Word of mouth marketing does wonders in Chandigarh. Women would definitely pay you a visit even if they don’t like coffee. (Just because she heard about Starbucks from someone).

Ah, I can still go on and on. But believe me, there are many Starbucks fans over here in Chandigarh. You won’t believe that while finding info about Starbucks, I stumbled upon an old Facebook page saying “Starbucks fans in Chandigarh”. I guess that says it all.

If you are a Starbucks fan, share this post and help us get Starbucks in Chandigarh soon. 


Navkiran Deora

Navkiran loves content just as a fish loves water. She is a writer, a columnist, and a passionate blogger. With immense interest in putting words together, she is the perfect copywriter who can get in the minds of her readers and help them take a decision. You may reach Navkiran at
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