This Deadly Animal is the State Animal of Chandigarh

Just as Tiger is the national animal of India, similarly every state and union territory of India has its own state animal. I bet, many of you might not be knowing the state animal of Chandigarh. Chances are that you might even know the name of the animal and might also not have ever seen it in Chandigarh. But if we talk about how well do you know Chandigarh, you should surely know about your state animal

State Animal of Chandigarh – Indian Grey Mongoose

Indian Grey Mongoose is the state animal of Chandigarh. It can be simply called as mongoose but to be precise, there are over 6 species of mongoose. So, the Indian Grey Mongoose is the one which represents the state animal of Chandigarh. It is also called as common grey mongoose.

In Hindi mongoose is called Nevalaa. It is a carnivorous animal and eats lizards, rodents and snakes. Mongoose or Nevalaa is one such animal which is known to have fight with snakes and finally eats them. It has a long tail and is very active.

The state animal of Chandigarh – Indian Grey Mongoose is surely a unique one. It is quite powerful not in terms of size or power but in terms of its skills as it can easily kill snakes.

Watch this fight between a Cobra snake and the Indian Grey Mongoose.


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