This Beautiful Tree Named “Magnifera Indica” is The State Tree of Chandigarh (GK Series)

I guess the one’s who have clicked on the link of this article must be really curious to know what exactly is “Magnifera Indica” and why has it been given the title of Chandigarh’s “State Tree”. You might have heard the name of Magnifera Indica tree for the first time but trust me you all have got a lot of scolding from your mum or garden keepers for stealing it, eating it and getting all messy and sticky while eating it in your childhood. It is a tree that has its own unique story weaved into the childhood memories of each one of us. Our very own and unique “Aam Ka Pedh“, the Mango Tree.

From Indian Kings to Katrina Kaif mangoes and mango trees have always been in high demand and loved selflessly. Common to Indian subcontinent the Mango Trees or Magnifera Indica as scientifically known start sprouting flowers in the season of March and you can see the wonderful sight of ripening of little mangoes in the month of May.

The Mango Trees Of Chandigarh

A magnificent tree that is also known as Cuckoo’s Tree stays green all year round covers almost 1388 acres of land in the Chandigarh alone excluding the suburban areas. The number of Mango Tress that have been flowering from more than 100 years in the UT is 11,000. The trees are the part of the heritage of the city beautiful that makes this city actually beautiful.

The largest mango orchard of Chandigarh consists of almost 5,000 trees planted in a continuous belt of 4 km along the Purv Marg of the city. Another patch of mangroves lies in the heart of Rajinder Park in Sector 1 that has almost 6,000 mango trees. Apart from the urban areas of the UT mango trees are concentrated in a huge number in the suburban areas as well where they are around 10,000.

Though there are more than 1000 varieties of mangoes available in India of mangoes, Chandigarh has got 6 versatile varieties of them to offer to its citizens namely Tota Puri, Safeda, Dasheri, Kupi, Kesar and Alphonso.

The Mango Festival of Chandigarh

The most famous and awaited festival of Chandigarh the “Mango Festival” garners a huge crowd of mango lovers every year in the month of June. You can find mangoes from all around the country in this amazing fruit festival in 1,800 varieties and can even taste them. The festival is held at Pinjore gardens situated 22 km away from the main city of Chandigarh.

Exclusively dedicated to the fruit mango the festival-cum-fair offers a wide variety of recipes made from the fruit like, jams, chutneys, juices, pickles and cakes. Moreover, you can also taste the unique flavours of hybrid mangoes grown by the cultivators from different parts of the country.

The mango trees of Chandigarh have seen the pages of centuries turn in front of them. They have battled against the harshness of futuristic minds and yet have cloistered those mindful beings from the intolerable heat of the sun in its dense shade from time to time. Favouring us with such glorious yield of resplendent mangoes the tree still has to suffer the bruises of stones from human beings.

Nature respects us in so many ways and so should we. It is our duty to respect the nature in return for its kindness and humbleness. Coz’ when you stay close to nature, nature reveals its full glory to you.

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