Steps taken by govt to tackle Bird Flu in Chandigarh

It was on 17th December that Chandigarh administration received a confirmation of bird flu virus in the ducks at Sukhna Lake. Since then, the officials have been on their toes to prevent the spread of bird flu in Chandigarh. Many crucial decisions have been taken in meetings held among top officials of the city in this regard. Here are few steps which have been taken:

  • Entry to Sukhna Lake has been banned for public.
  • CITCO restaurant and all other shops at Sukhna Lake have been shut down till further notice.
  • The main road leading to Sukhna Lake has been sealed at the roundabout and no vehicles are being allowed beyond that point.
  • 250 white suits were arranged by the administration which cover a person from head to toe and prevent him from infection.
  • A team of experts from the Regional Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (RDDL), Jalandhar was called over night and has been deployed on the lake.
  • All activities at Sukhna Lake including boating, sight-seeing, walking, jogging, bird-watching etc. have been suspended till further notice.
  • sukhna-lake-chandigarh-bird-flu
    Officials take a round of Sukhna Lake before the start of culling operation
  • All entry points to the Sukhna lake have been sealed and police personal have been deployed even on the back side of the lake to prevent peoplr from entering the Lake premises.
  • Activities at Lake Club like gym, tennis etc. have also been suspended till further notice.
  • The administration has taken a decision to cull the birds. (All ducks will be killed and buried according to the guidelines of World Health Organization).
  • Special isolated wards have been set up at hospitals for those who might be infected by bird flu.
  • Large stock of TamilFlu medicine has been arranged and doctors have been advised to give this medicine to those who suffers from any symptoms of bird flu.
  •  Golf Club, which is just near the lake and has some ducks has been told to cage the ducks.
  • All poultry farms in and around Chandigarh have been alerted and samples of chicken have been taken to test the bird flu virus in them.
  • Sukhna Lake area will be completely sanitized for 3 months.
  • No one will be allowed to go the site where ducks have been buried for full 1 year.

Administration has told the residents of Chandigarh not to panic as the situation is completely under control.



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