Steve Currington Talks About Creating Engaging Content on Youtube

Passion for automobiles saw Stephen Currington making it his profession. In this digital era, he took his automotive life to YouTube and rest is history. He has been providing amazing content with utilizing high-end cameras on his YouTube channel named ‘Lambrosteve’ which has got more than 32K subscribers and generated millions of views on the videos in the last 3 months.

Driving Lamborghinis is not everyone’s cup of tea but Stephen, also known as Steve has been lucky as he has got his hands on the plush Lime Green Lamborghini Huracan. On March 20 this year, Lambrosteve achieved a milestone when one of his videos interacting with police crossed more than 3 million views. He strongly believes that hard work can make you achieve anything in life right from lavish mansions, exotic cars to expensive watches; that’s the kind of life supercar owners live today.

With efficiently utilizing YouTube and social media, Lambrosteve is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. His unique content has helped him achieve more than 50K followers on Instagram in the last 3 months. The entertaining video content on his page has revealed the real side of supercar ownership. Steve’s videos mainly have frequent confrontations with police and bystanders which show that owning a supercar is not troublesome. Steve shares his experiences of exotic cars with his fans and his videos have been unique in its own way which has great humour factor in it.

The raw and unfiltered side of Stephen Currington in his videos is what makes him a great content creator who easily handles uncomfortable situations with finesse. His content about automobiles is exceptional and is doing wonders on social media in today’s time.


Ajay Deep

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