Bombshell Alert! Stiletto Nails Designs to Try This Year

Undoubtedly, stiletto nails are the trend right now and everyone wants to try this elaborate nail design. As far as nail designs are concerned, stiletto nail design is a sure way to make a statement. They have an oval shape, but they are pointed at the top instead of being rounded like the common nail designs. They are usually very long and hence tend to be fake designs. However, since they are long, they offer more choices for intricate and detailed nail designs.

The best stiletto nail design is acrylic nails. They are strong and last for long. And for women who aren’t comfortable with extremely long stiletto nails, there are shorter nail designs too. The best thing about these nail designs is that they are very versatile and hence you have many options to style them.

  • Elongated Stilettos and An Ombre Design.

The main thing you will notice about this amazing stiletto nail design is a beautiful combination of colours. The design also features rhinestones and glitters that are well showcased in this look. The pink colour is a stunning shade that definitely brings attention to your nails. The glitter nails just bring enough flash to the entire design that attracts attention without diverting attention from the detailed styling of this piece of art.

  • Stiletto Designs for Special Events.

They are not long as you would expect with stiletto nails, but they are short with deep red colour but red-carpet worth. The best thing is that the nails are short and therefore are easy to maintain and pretty beautiful. Besides, the accents of rhinestone make this design unique and give it some life and therefore it is not boring as you would expect with short nail designs. This stylish yet easy to maintain look would be ideal for virtually any event, whether casual or formal.

  • Black Matte Stiletto Nails.


This is a matte polish design. Normally, ladies like polish on their nails, but we are seeing matte polish increasing in popularity lately. Some women think that black is not so desirable to wear, but this matte black design proves otherwise. You can include the French manicure feel by styling glittery black tips to create some contrast.

  • Nail Design for Short Nails.

Stiletto nails don’t have to be long as we all expect. You can rock this beautiful nail design even with your short nails provided you know how to do it. To get the best results, make sure to include gold glitters to make your design eye-catching and that would look pretty appealing. You may also consider to include white colour which normally is not used in most nail designs. For additional flair, incorporate some rhinestones into the mix of these unusual nail colours.

  • Gorgeous Nail Designs for Fashionable Look.

You may not agree with me but, white stiletto nails are some of the classiest nail designs in 2019. Especially when styled with pointed tips, this design is one you should try this year. Moreover, the gold finish gives the entire design some contrast that blends well to give your style an amazing look. Rhinestones are added to add more shimmer to this beautiful look. The glitter polish is excellently blended for a fine look and even ombre design is used for placement of the rhinestones to keep everything in place.

  • Daily Stiletto Nails Designs.

While you can tailor a specific nail design for a specific occasion, that doesn’t mean they cannot be worn for an everyday look. For instance, a matte look can be worn for both formal and informal occasions. When you look at it first, you may not see the pink colour incorporated in the matted nails. Due to the contrast created by these contrasting shades, at a glance, your eyes will assume it is a shiny shade. 

But the best thing is that stiletto nails have a lot of surfaces which makes possible to be creative. Whether you need to paint or attach embellishments, stiletto nails provide plenty of space for decoration. As such, you can customise them whenever you want to depend on the occasions you want to attend.


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