A Stray Dog in Chandigarh Tied Upside Down, Beaten & Thrown Out of City | Where’s the Justice?

The image & video of this stray dog being tied upside down with a tree, at a group housing society in Chandigarh has gone viral for all right reasons. I bet that any human being who sees this will be filled with pity for the poor dog. A short video capture of this inhuman incident at Sector 48 Chandigarh shows the worst cruelty of 4 people (who have lost the dignity of being called human beings). They were not even affected by this poor animals screams and cries, but went on to beat the dog with sticks.

Stray Dog Beaten & Tied to a Tree in Chandigarh | What happened Next?

The news of this stray dog being tied to a tree and brutally beaten up with sticks has made headlines not just in India but on a global level. The stray dog was lifted from his rear legs and both the legs were tied with a rope. Next the rope was tied to a tree leaving the dog hanging upside down. This was not enough for the cruel people performing these actions. They took sticks and started beating the dog while he was tied upside down.

Later, they put the dog in a sack and took him in an Alto car. Upon interrogation they revealed that they threw the dog in Aerocity area out of Chandigarh.

NGOs and animal lovers are still in the search of the dog so that he may be treated and taken good care.

Accused People

The 4 accused people who were involved in such inhuman act have been identified as VK Bansal, VP Saini, Brijesh Kaushal and Umesh. Out of these Umesh is the watchman and remaining 3 are residents of Kendriya Vihar Society in Sector 48 – where the incident took place.

The news of this poor stray dog in Chandigarh has gathered support from around the world. I feel ashamed writing this post about how a bunch of people treated the poor stray dog.

Animal Lovers want Justice

Various NGOs and animal lovers from across the city collaborated on social media platforms demanding justice for the poor dog. They want the government to take an action against the accused people who took to animal cruelty in Chandigarh. Some were even quoted saying that all those who did this to the poor dog be tied upside down with the same tree and beaten with sticks, so that they know what the poor dog might have gone through.

However, Chandigarh Police has registered a case under “Prevention of cruelty to animals, section 1960” at Sector 49 Police Station and 3 people have been booked. Alas, all 3 came out on bail in just few hours.

A bigger protest has been scheduled at the society demanding proper justice.

Here’s the Facebook Event for the same –  https://www.facebook.com/events/1018258204899472/

Watch The Complete Video: How It All Started



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