Stray Dogs in Chandigarh bite 500 people every month

In an alarming case of stray dogs in Chandigarh, reports have revealed that over 500 people get bitten by dogs in Chandigarh every month.

The case was highlighted when a stray dog in Manimajra bit 13 different people including kids in a single day and then died of Rabies the very next day. The kids who were bitten by stray dog in Manimajra were of 5 to 8 years of age. Chandigarh Administration has already started to find solutions to this stray dog menace in Chandigarh have even fixed a meeting with Menka Gandhi for the problem.

In the last 2 years, 13,000 cases of dog bites have been reported in Chandigarh which is a large number when compared to other cities. Residents have complained about stray dogs to the Municipal Corporation a lot of times during these 2 years but no strict action has been taken. The situation is such that every sector has a large number of stray dogs and parents are afraid of sending their children in the parks for playing.

According to the Municipal Corporation officials, there are 9000 stray dogs in Chandigarh but it is assumed that the number might be over 25,000.

Chandigarh has a special dispensary in sector 19 which gives treatment and vaccination to those with dog bites. But the problem is that the civil dispensary timings are only till afternoon and most dog bite cases are reported in the evening.

A large number of dogs need to be sterilized and vaccinated so that residents of Chandigarh can be sure that their children will not face any dog bites.

News Source: Hindustan Times

Image Credits: Daily Post


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