Stray Dogs Welcome Passengers at Chandigarh International Airport

How would you feel landing from a long hour international flight and being welcomed by a pack of stray dogs to receive you at the airport? Certainly not a very good sight even at a thought of it.  But not kidding you, the scenario seems not merely a thought as Chandigarh International Airport faces the same situation these days. Roaming freely in the vicinity of the Chandigarh International Airport, the stray dogs have their gala time threatening the visitors at Chandigarh International Airport.

The Unpleasant Chandigarh Airport Sight

Dogged by these strays, the airport site is not a very pleasant one. The sight could still be ignored if these strays were a little sober as well. But to add to the misery of the passengers travelling and city residents present there to receive their loved ones, these dogs bark at them, chase them and act as a threat to their presence around. Posing a serious threat to the air passengers at the international airport terminal building, the movement of people at the premises is restricted like anything especially for the very young kids and the aged fellows who find the premises as a danger zone.

Visitors Speak their hearts out 

The passengers and residents seem very clearly annoyed with the menace. Pouring their hearts out and speaking about the issue, many have come forward to bring the true picture out in the front among the masses. “One can easily imagine the impression the international airport gives to visitors, especially foreign guests when stray dogs welcome you at the entrance.”It’s not only an eyesore but also a big threat to the visitors here, Anjali, a local resident said.

Rajesh Kumar another visitor who had come to the airport to receive his friend, said, “What if a dog bites a passenger, especially someone going abroad. You can easily imagine the situation of the victim in such a scenario.”  Protecting her kids from the dogs that approach the little toddlers as a potential threat, a woman found the sight as a sheer non-sense.

What Airport Authorities say:

Upset with the presence of canines all around the airport and on repeated complaints by the people around, Sunil Dutt, CEO of the airport, said he was very much aware of the menace. Dutt who brought the matter into the notice of the Mohali Deputy Commissioner verbally twice or thrice awaits the concerned authorities to wake up from their slumber.

It is an utter disgrace that City beautiful known for its good governance is going through all this. After similar sights at public places such as parks and playgrounds across the tricity, and even at Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh, we certainly hope and pray that the authorities look into the matter at priority to bring an end to this issue.

Image & Inputs: Akash Ghai (As published in The Tribune)

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