5 Things That Make Stu-C One of The Most Sought After Places in Chandigarh

It is okay to miss a few lectures. It is okay to stay at campus more than your class hours. It is okay to spend more money here than anywhere else.

Only if…you are at Student Centre, Panjab University in Sector 14 of Chandigarh.

One of the most popular spots in Chandigarh, a term that is used in Punjabi songs as often as almost every time, StuC is a place for which we all have a special place in our hearts. Offering sumptuous foods at affordable rates amidst a scenic beauty that is breathtaking, it is one of the major reasons which make Panjab University so renowned.

Today, we delve deeper to know what makes StuC a sought after place.

Take a look!

Sunshine & Chaa

Come winters and you would find it hard to spot a place to bask under the sun at Stu-C, Chandigarh. Hostellers are the first ones to come here with their mates and chit chat under the sun. Of course, this point could be incomplete if I don’t mention the tea. Chaa, as we like to call it in Punjabi, is a savior when it comes to beating the chill. In fact, for the entire year, be it summers or winters, tea is something that never goes out of fashion here. It is this very reason what makes StuC so special.

Shady Summers

If there is a place to enjoy the sun, there is ample space under the trees too. As soon as classes end, there is hardly anybody in the university who doesn’t come to sit at the StuC to go back in time and think about how his day was. StuC is more like a stress buster spot for most. Given the number of beverage shops and the options for juices and shakes available, it isn’t a bad idea to spend a few bucks to grab you favorite drink and take a break.


During the election season, StuC is one hell of a place to be. From canvassing to campaigns to student party meetings, this place is bustling with people from all over. Even on the usual days, it is no surprise to see people from all walks of life talking with their buddies almost about everything.

Sohniya Mutiyaaran te Desi Munde

Do you want to spot pretty girls? Do you want to see handsome men?

StuC is THE place.

Be it men in their branded outfits or girls carrying their charm and elegance just perfectly, StuC is always brimming with such people. In fact, these wonderful men and women add color to the life at PU. Seeing boys sporting kundiyan muchhan or those with colorful turbans is as common as spotting girls wearing chic shades or those carrying fancy handbags.

Stu-C Building

How could we miss this one. Even if there is a person in Chandigarh who has not seen the ronauk at Stu-C, might have seen this building. The place consists of the very famous circular structure built by our very own Le Corbusier, the French architect who designed the layout of Chandigarh. The building houses a recreation room, the offices of the Student Council members, the office of the Dean-Students Welfare and an eatery too.

Got more reasons? Feel free to comment below and we’ll include them in the write-up.

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Gagandeep Singh

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