Student Travel Insurance: A Necessity for Students Going Abroad

Almost every student dreams of going abroad for once in their lifetime. The dream of taking admission in an esteemed university and making a career enthrals students on many levels. A lot of students work on their dreams hard and get an admission letter from the university they dreamed of. Of course, you do not want any kind of nuisance in the way that can ruin the dream. Student travel insurance is that factor which saves you from the unpredictable circumstances. If you are looking forward to pursue higher education abroad then student travel loan should be your first priority. It will cover and eliminate any financial risk which can occur along the way. One cannot predict the kind of situations you might come across in a foreign land. A student travel insurance makes sure to stand by your side during the times of adversity.

So, the first thing which might pop up in your head in knowing about the insurance.

What exactly is student travel insurance?

Consider yourself living in a foreign land all on your own and you are diagnosed with a critical medical condition which might cause a burden on your pockets. Having a student travel insurance plan will protect you from the medical expenses. The travel insurance is especially designed for students living in abroad for higher education. It provides security from any unpredictable condition happening with them during their stay. It helps both in medical and non-medical emergencies. It covers many aspects including,

  1. Personal Accident- It covers the expenses in case of accidental illnesses whether partial or permanent.
  2. Medical Expenses- It covers medical expenses in case of any illness, surgery or death.
  3. Transportation of Mortal Remains- In case of any unpredictable death the insurance also covers the expenses and responsibility of transporting the mortal remains to the native land.
  4. Emergency Evacuation Expenses- In case of emergency evacuation to the native land, the expenses are covered by the insurance provider.
  5. Dental Treatment Expenses- Expenses of dental treatments are also covered.
  6. Baggage Loss- Loss of personal belongings and baggage is also covered.
  7. Passport Loss- In case of a passport loss, the expenses are covered in order to issue a duplicate one.
  8. Compassionate Visit- In case if the student is hospitalized for more than 7 days then the airfare of the family members are covered by the insurance provider.
  9. Bail Amount- In case if the student is arrested for any reason the bail amount is covered.
  10. Fees Reimbursement- In case if the studies are interrupted due to any reason then the reimbursement of fees is also provided.

Apart from the above inclusions of the travel insurance there are few things which are not covered by the insurance including,

  1. Travelling against a physician advice- If it is found at any point that the person is travelling without a physician’s consent then the expenses are not covered.
  2. Pre-existing illness- Insurance coverage is not provided for any kind of pre-existing illness.
  3. Attempted suicide- Any injury or damage caused due to attempted suicide is also not covered.
  4. Stress related disorders- For example anxiety, depression, PTSD are not covered.
  5. HIV/AIDS- The expenses of AIDS are also not covered.
  6. Maternity related expenses- Any expense related with pregnancy, childbirth and miscarriage is not covered.

You should not confuse yourself with travel insurance plan and student travel insurance plan. Both of the travel plans are different. A travel insurance plan secures the person from the moment the journey starts till the journey ends while a student travel insurance plan covers insurance coverage till the time the student completes his/her studies abroad. It becomes your confidant in the foreign land. Before you decide on a specific travel insurance plan take a look and analyse your needs. Research well and select the plan which suits you the best.


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