This Stunt Performing Video at Gedi Route Chandigarh is Trending on The Internet for All Wrong Reasons

Post Valentine’s Day, the video of boys performing various stunts on the famous Geri Route in Chandigarh to impress girls has gone viral on social media.  

In the fervor of celebrating the day of love where a few purchased gifts and were preparing for their date, others were busy doing jigs like doing stunts on their bikes and cars. Knowing the fact that these acts of faux valor can be dangerous for both who is driving the vehicle and ones on the road, many Romeos performed this act of flattery.

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Watch: As Valentine’s Day approaches, Chandigarh youth resort to dangerous stunts to impress girls

Posted by The Times of India on Sunday, February 12, 2017


Many young boys of college going age were seen sitting on the rooftops and on the windows of the doors of the moving cars. Some had even decorated the cars with flowers and balloons so that they can give them away to girls.

Residents witnessed these heroic (sarcastically) acts on the crowded Geri Route, where most of these stunts are performed. But someone needs to intervene in such practices as it can be fatal too. Geri Route being one of the most crowded places in Chandigarh because of its close proximity to the colleges attracts great activities throughout the year. Stunts like these can’t be performed in the middle of the street keeping the lives of many at stake on the road.


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