Chandigarh | Water is Being Pumped Into Sukhna Lake From 7 Tubewells

You must have visited Sukhna Lake a lot of times and chances are that you might have also thought about receding water levels at the lake. It has been a long time that the most visited tourist place in the city is facing a problem of water depletion in the lake. The UT Administration has come up with the solution of refilling the life of the city beautiful Chandigarh, Sukhna Lake with water. 7 different tubewells have been allotted the work for the same by the UT Administration. Rejuvenation process has been started in the lake from 15th January and it will continue for a couple in winter months.

Highlights of the Rejuvenation process

Taking into consideration the decrease of water level in Sukhna Lake, the Punjab and Haryana High Court had asked the UT administration to come up with the solution for the same. From some possible solutions, the engineering department of UT administration decided to supply water from 7 different tubewells into Sukhna lake.

  • 3 Feet of water level needs to be increased in the lake.
  • 1 Crore litre of water is expected to be diverted in the lake per day.
  • The total cost of the project is approx Rs. 45 Lakh.
  • Maintenance cost of 7 tubewells is approximately Rs. 3.5 Lakh per month.

The 2 million gallons of water per day will be diverted to Sukhna lake from Sector 19, 20 and 26, 30. The quantity of water that has to be put in Sukhna can cater around 14000 households in the city.

Reason behind decreasing water level

Although, the whole city is already facing shortage of water by 29 million gallons on a daily basis but still the UT Administration has decided to divert the water to Sukhna to maintain its beauty. Evaporation of water, poor rain and soil deposit have also reduced the water holding capacity of the lake.

During winter season the demand of water supply in the residential area decreases heavily, that is why the administration has decided to carry out the project in winter season. So that residents should not have to bear the water issues and the beauty of the lake can also be maintained for the summers.

Image: Amar Ujala

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