Tere Naal Saah Chalde by (Sukshinder Shinda) – New Punjabi Song | Watch Official Video

Latest Punjabi song Tere Naal Saah Chalde’s lead singer Sukshinder Shinda has been the man behind all of Jazzy B’s releases as well as most of Amrinder Gill’s songs too. And if that proves anything at all it is clearly that Sukshinder Shinda is called the ‘music man’ for a reason. Well it is 2017 and we never thought we might get to his solo song again but here we are with the news of his latest Punjabi song of 2017 and it is called ‘Tere Naal Saah Chalde’. The Sukshinder Shinda song is available to download here.

The latest Punjabi song from Sukshinder Shinda called ‘Tere Naal Saah Chalde’ is not exactly a powerful comeback.

Well, the thing about music is that it ages. What works today will not work 10 years from now. This is exactly what is wrong with Sukshinder Shinda’s latest Punjabi song ‘Tere Naal Saah Chalde’. One can argue that the Bollywood songs of 1960’s are evergreen but a thing to understand here is that it was mainly due to the lyrics which can stir your deepest of insecurities even today.

The lyrics of the latest Punjabi songs today including Sukshinder Shinda’s ‘Tere Naal Saah Chalde’ remain shallow at large and try to find a connect with the millennial generation. Shinda’s music is something we have loved in the past and it is still the same even today. The music is probably the strongest part of the latest 2017 Punjabi song ‘Tere Naal Saah Chalde’. This is not quite the comeback from a legend that we were expecting from Sukshinder Shinda who gave us chills with the legendary track ‘Punjabi Clap’. The latest Punjabi song is available to download and stream at most streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Saavn and Wynk Music.

The video of Shinda’s latest song of 2017 stars Neha Malik and is directed by Sumit Bhardwaj.

The video of Sukshinder Shinda’s latest 2017 song ‘Tere Naal Saah Chalde’ is directed by Sumit Bhardwaj and is nothing to write about. The video features the usual chunk of cars and glamour that we have come to see from all Punjabi songs in a while. The video of latest Punjabi song ‘Tere Naal Saah Chalde’ stars Neha Malik and the music man himself Sukshinder Shinda. Neha Malik adds beauty to every frame she is in and tries to lift up the video. Watch the official video below:

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