Meet The First (FM Radio) RJ of Chandigarh – Sulakshna Bramta aka RJ Muskaan

A decade ago morning 7 AM, RJ Muskaan became the first live voice to be heard on the show called BIG Chai in Chandigarh to give kick start to the morning in her melodious and chirpy voice. Presenting RJ Muskaan aka Sulakshna Bramta on World Radio Day.

Before being the first live voice of Tricity on a private FM station a decade ago, Sulakshna had already anchored more than 250 professional shows including for the President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Union Cabinet rank Ministers and many big brands at a very young age.

She was already a winner of three national level beauty pageants namely Shimla Queen, Competition Success Review, Ms. Super Personality and one being Face of the Year title winner in 2000 where Divya Khosla Kumar was judged the 2nd runners up. Later, that pageant was also won by Kangna Ranaut. By this time, Sulakshna Bramta was already an announcer and News Reader with DD and AIR.

A St. Bede’s College, Shimla alumni Sulakshna Bramta was the President popularly known as Admiral, she was also a well-known student leader at our very own Panjab University where she represented the University as the Cultural Secretary.

Sulakshna-ProfileSulakshna fondly recalls, ” I never wanted to be a Radio Jockey as I felt that my accomplishments are much more and I wanted to get beyond the mike. It required lots of convincing from my seniors who hired me. Then hosting the morning show changed my complete notion, you had to be on your toes, well-read, well-prepared and sensitive to issues on a daily basis as your prime responsibility was not only to entertain but also to inform the listeners what all happened while they were asleep.”

A renowned media strategist now, Sulakshna Bramta believes that the skill of being a good communicator is god-gifted but does need constant polishing. ”You have to be observant, read a lot, travel, have fun and last but not the least… Be original as one can not be artificial for long with the audience. The goodness of your character will be reflected in your voice and that is what will make you stay there for long”, she says. Having the credit of training and launching more than 15 RJ’s and VJ’s in the region as the Regional Programming Head, Sulakshna has started her own venture called Positive I that is one stop media solution for all.

She was also awarded the Pride of Tricity Award in social work category last year for her free of cost motivational workshops ‘ Soch Sey Lakshya Tak’ for government school students to overcome insecurities and fears. Sulakshna has also worked with brands like Neelesh Misra- India’s favorite storyteller on his various social initiatives apart from NGO’s like Aashman Foundation and Yuvsatta. Ask her about her toughest assignment till now and she says,” Political campaigns for sure, where our thoughts end their ( politicians) thoughts begin from there”, and her biggest achievement, ‘ I am still alive inspite of all tribulations and experiences so it is certainly yet to come,” Sulakshna says with a bigg muskaan.


Ajay Deep

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