Summary of Master’s Thesis Writing Skills And Experience

Master’s thesis is an academic thesis written by graduate students. This paper is considered very important in every academic education, encouraging the emergence of academic writing services that are marketed online. One of them is EssayShark. You can review the EssayShark review before you decide to hire this service. Back to the topic, the thesis has a certain theoretical depth and academic level. It should reflect the author’s extensive and in-depth knowledge of professional basic knowledge, the ability to independently conduct scientific research, and new research topics.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the topic selection

Choosing a topic is the first step in writing a dissertation. The choice of a topic is often the key to determining the success of the dissertation. To choose a good topic, you should do the following:

First, the direction of the topic. To conform to the research direction, you cannot choose at random beyond the scope of the research direction of this specialty, otherwise, even if the thesis is done well, it will not be easy to pass.

Second, the value of the topic. Research topics should have pioneering value in theory. It is better not to choose any topic that is difficult to put forward your own ideas and unfamiliar with.

Third, the practical significance of the topic. In the process of selecting a topic, we must adhere to the principle of combining theory with practice. 

Fourth, the feasibility of choosing a topic. Within the scope of the research direction, the title of the thesis should be determined based on the materials that are available or may be available. 

Here are the other five important points to consider:

  1. Abstract of the dissertation.

The abstract is the “window” of the dissertation. It must summarize the essence of the dissertation in a very concise language. It is best to write the abstract after the full text is written so that it can be summarized more accurately.

2. Keywords

Select words or phrases that reflect the main characteristics of the thesis. Phrase should be concise and general. Phrase should not be too much, generally 3-4 is appropriate.

3. Introduction.

The content of the introduction mainly includes the research background of the dissertation, including the significance of the dissertation, the current status of research at home and abroad (some are also referred to as literature reviews), the content of the research, the basic framework, and the research methods.

4. Notes.

Comments are required to be accurate, uniform and standardized. Citations must be checked against the original. 

5. References.

Irregular references are a common problem in thesis writing. When enumerating references, you should pay attention to: you can only list the documents you have read, you cannot list the documents you have not read; you can only list the documents related to this article, you cannot list the unrelated documents.

6. Thanks.

This is also a must in the thesis. It is necessary to explain the writing process of your thesis. It is also reasonable to express gratitude to those who have supported and helped their writing, especially to their lecturers and instructors. However, we must pay attention to proportion. Too many words are not necessary, and it is inappropriate to write something that is not relevant and irrelevant.

The writing process of the thesis generally goes through several stages: outline, first draft and final draft. Only by carefully revising the manuscript can a high-quality paper be written. A qualified dissertation, in general, must have a sense of theory, reality and history in content. That is to say, we must have the depth of theory, the foundation of history, and the problems raised by reality.


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