Forget Dr. Mashoor Gulati, Sunil Grover to be Back as Billa Sharabi | Here’re The Details

Television’s greatest comedian and actor, Sunil Grover is ready to make an onscreen comeback as Billa Sharabi. Remember Sunil Grover’s funny music video ‘Mere husband mujhko pyaar nhi karte’ as Rinku Bhabhi, where she narrates the story of her unromantic husband who doesn’t pay attention to her? Well, this time, Sunil Grover aka Dr. Mashoor Gulati of The Kapil Sharma Show is coming up with his another comedy video as Billa Sharabi. The teaser of Billa Sharabi is out and all the Sunil Grover fans are anxiously waiting for the full music video.

Sunil Grover to comeback onscreen as Billa Sharabi

Sunil Grover, who has gained a lot of popularity with his comic characters like Gutthi, Dr Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi are very missed on television post his exit from The Kapil Sharma Show on Sony television. The reason behind Sunil Grover’s quit was the infamous mid-air feud between the show host, Kapil Sharma and him. Now, Sunil is ready for rib-tickling and to make you laugh out loud with his upcoming music video for which he has partnered with Bollywood’s music director Amit Trivedi.

From Dr. Mashoor Gulati to Billa Sharabi, Sunil Grover can tickle your ribs with any avatar. Image source: Jan Satta

Official teaser of Billa Sharabi video by Sunil Grover

Talking about Sunil Grover’s, Billa Sharabi teaser, the video begins with the low angle shot of a fan walking on rivulet with the camera later on panning towards the upper part of an old man’s body, wearing a rugged red sweater and a collared shirt. In the next shot, the grey-haired man then turns around in dismay, which happens to be Sunil Grover aka Billa Sharabi. The teaser ends here. The mere expression of the drunken Billa and his stagger body tickles the funny bone of the viewers, leaving them to imagine that what would be entire video be like. The backdrop of the video seems to be a jungle like location and is shot to look creepy.

The teaser of the Billa Sharabi is shared first by the Sunil Grover himself on his twitter handle @WhoSunilGrover.  Sunil Grover’s Billa Sharabi will be a music video, sung by himself while the music is by the leading music composer, Amit Trivedi. The video of Billa Sharabi seems to be very promising and will give the viewers a laughter ride.

Here’s the glimpse of Sunil Grover’s Billa Sharabi teaser.

More about Sunil Grover

Sunil Grover who is speculated to come up with his own comedy show on Sony Television hasn’t talked about his future plans openly with the media. Since his fallout from The Kapil Sharma Show, the actor, Sunil Grover has been busy doing stage shows, doing commercial advertisements and off course vacaying. Also, it seems that the making of the music video of Billa Sharabi must have kept Sunil Grover occupied all this while.

We wish Sunil Grover all the best for all his future endeavours and his upcoming comedy show and off course the Billa Sharabi music video which will release on September 26.



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