Sunil Grover (Dr. Mashoor Gulati in Kapil Sharma Show) is Down With Dengue

Sunil Grover aka Dr. Mashoor Gualti, the ex-member of The Kapil Sharma Show has been diagnosed with Dengue. Talented comedian Sunil Grover is currently admitted to hospital and has been kept under observation of the doctors. As of now, his situation is said to be under control, but for precaution, Sunil Grover will have to be admitted to the hospital for few days.

Sunil Grover left The Kapil Sharma show after a tiff between Kapil Sharma and him. But after that, Sunil Grover has been absent from the small screen. Although Sunil is away from the TV, but he has been busy with live shows all around the World.

Sunil Grover aka Dr.Mashoor GulatiĀ (The Kapil Sharma Show) down with Dengue

For a long time, Sunil Grover was associated with The Kapil Sharma Show as Dr. Mashoor Gulati and entertained the audience with his performance. But after a fight, Sunil Grover walked out from The Kapil Sharma Show and never returned back. But he has been performing many live shows and 3 days before when returned back from his show, he got viral fever. After the check-up, doctors diagnosed Sunil Grover with Dengue and then he was admitted to Asian Heart Institute in Mumbai.

Currently, Sunil Grover has been treated for dengue and doctors are trying to get down his fever. Let’s hope Sunil Grover to get well soon from Dengue and resume his work because we miss his comedy alot.

Sunil Grover & his performances

Sunil Grover has been well known for his performances in The Kapil Sharma Show, be it as Guthi or Dr. Mashoor Gulati, Sunil Grover has always lifted up the characters to another level. Comedian turned actor, Sunil Grover has also played roles in various Bollywood movies like- Gabbar is back, Baaghi, Ghajini, Heropanti and many more. From tv shows to movies, Sunil Grover has always lived up to whatever character he has been playing.

It was rumored that Sunil Grover is planning to come up with a full fledged show to compete with Kapil Sharma. But Sunil refused the rumors and said that currently, he is looking to get well soon.

Source: TOI

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