Swimming Pools in Chandigarh: Complete List with Fees. Know Where to Learn and Where to Swim

With the rising mercury, swimming pools are one of the most sought after places in Chandigarh not just for kids and teenagers but also for their parents. Chandigarh Metro team is ready to offer you a refreshing dip to beat the heat of these hot days in the city with this special magazine section post on “Swimming Pools in Chandigarh”. Along with making you aware about the location of various pools in Chandigarh, this post will also give you in-depth knowledge about the swimming coaching charges, monthly fees and other necessary details.

Go through the below list and make sure you head off to the best-in-quality and best-priced pool in Chandigarh for an unparalleled fun-with-fitness experience. Weather you prefer an indoor swimming pool, an all-weather swimming pool, a pocket-friendly pool, a lavish swimming pool or maybe an outdoor pool, this list has all swimming pools present in the city beautiful – Chandigarh.

Campus Pools

Campus pools are those swimming pools which are present in some school, college, or university campus and are open to general public. There are 2 campus pools in Chandigarh.

PU Swimming Pool, Sector 14, Chandigarh

Panjab University in sector 14 has a swimming pool. The speciality of this pool is that this is a big swimming pool which is at par with those used in Olympic games. This pool situated within the PU campus is used for all the swimming competitions held in Chandigarh.

Fees: PU students: Rs 50/ month; PU faculty/ employees/ retired staff/ students of affiliated colleges: Rs 150/ month; Outsiders: Rs 1000/ month

Contact: 0172-2541042, 2544081

KV Swimming Pool, Sector 29, Chandigarh

This swimming pool at Kendriya Vidyalaya school in Sector 29 boasts of swimming cardio-and-gym combo pack. It is also one of the most decently priced swimming pools in Chandigarh.

Fees: KV Students: Rs 1050/ month; Outsiders: Rs 1400/ month; Outsiders: 2900/ 3 months; Outsiders Combo: Rs 4800/ 3 months; Coaching: Rs 700/ one time

Contact: 9023799382

Club Pools

Club Pulse Swimming Pool, Sector 34, Chandigarh


Club pools are those swimming pools which are situated within the premises of some government or private club and are open to club members. However, many club pools also offer swimming pool facility to outsiders at special charges. Chandigarh has 2 club swimming pools which are open to public and these are:

Chandigarh Press Club Swimming Pool, Sector 27

Press Club has an L-shaped swimming pool. The main feature about this pool is that it has a separate beginner’s pool. So, this one can be a good choice of you want to learn swimming in Chandigarh. And even the coaching charges for swimming are quite decent.

Fees: Form: Rs 50/ one time; Registration: Rs 200/ one time; Coaching: Rs 500/ one time; Guests: Rs 700/ month

Contact: 0172-2656774

Club Pulse Piccadily, Sector 34, Chandigarh

This pool is located on the top floor of Piccadily Square mall in sector 34. It is an indoor swimming pool.

Fees: Registration: Rs 500/ year; Swimming: Rs 3000/ month

Contact: 0172-2602051

Chandigarh Sports Department Swimming Pools

The sports department of Chandigarh Administration also has 3 swimming pools which are meant for the residents of the city. These have been mentioned below:

Nursery Swimming Pool, Sector 23, Chandigarh

This pool is city’s hot favourite for its nominal fees and central location. Many swimming competitions have also been held in this pool. This can also be a good option for those who want to learn how to swim.

Fees: Students: Rs 1500/ 6 months; Others: Rs 3000/ 6 months.

Swimming Pool at Yoga Health Centre, Sector 23

This one is an all-weather swimming pool in Chandigarh which is situated at Yoga Health Centre in Sector 23. This pool sees a great demand throughout the year.

Fees: Students: Rs 1800/ 6 months; Others: Rs 3500/ 6 months.

Lake Sports Complex Swimming Pool, Sector 1

Even though season based membership is not available, user-ship of games is available in which swimming facility is provided. Otherwise this swimming pool is exclusive to Lake Club members.

Fees: Members: Depends on membership type; Non-members: Rs 3372/ 3 months

5 Star Hotel Swimming Pools in Chandigarh

Pool at hotel Taj Chandigarh

As you know that 5 star hotels have a swimming pool, so even these hotels offer memberships to their pool area during summers in Chandigarh. However, these swimming pools are the most expensive ones in the city and also they might not be a good choice for those who want to get swimming coaching. However, the pools of hotels can be best suited to those who want to go swimming the luxurious way.

Swimming Pool at Hotel JW Marriott, Sector 35

The rooftop swimming pool at JW Marriott Chandigarh is an all-weather pool.

Fees: Rs 9950/ month; Rs 24550/ 3 months; Rs 42550/ 6 months

Contact: 0172-3955555

Hotel Lalit Swimming Pool, IT Park

Set in a serene location, Lalit Chandigarh houses an all-weather outdoor pool.

Fees: Rs 10000/ month

Contact: 0172-3007777

Swimming Pool at Hotel Taj, Sector 17

Hotel Taj Chandigarh, situated in the heart of city, has an all-weather terrace pool situated on the first floor.

Fees: Rs 22500/ 3 months

Contact: 0172-6613000

So next time you plan to swim or make up your mind to learn swimming in Chandigarh, just search for swimming pools in Chandigarh to go through this exclusive list prepared by Ajay Deep and Supriya Trika.

Please note that the fees and other details mentioned above are those which were told to us in May-June 2015. These prices may change in the coming days. We advise you to get in touch with the concerned authorities to get the latest prices for swimming coaching and pool membership.

Do let us know if we have missed out on some important swimming pool in Chandigarh that needs to be updated in this list. For any further queries, please mail us at ajay@chandigarhmetro.com.


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