Swine Flu in Chandigarh: 35 year old man dies at PGI

Chandigarh is under the grip of swine flu and the situation seems to be getting worse as the city recorded its first death due to this deadly swine flu virus at PGI today. The patient, a 35 year old man who was a resident of Khuda Lahora was admitted to PGI yesterday in a critical condition. He was working at Karnal in Haryana. It is believed that he might have developed swine flu from his work place. The reason of the death was the late diagnosis. If the patient had went for a test earlier, he could have been saved by TamilFlu medicine.

Dr. V.K. Gagneja, Director of Health Services in Chandgarh said that people should not panic and added that his team is monitoring the swine flu affected patients on a daily basis.

Yesterday, a PGI doctor was found positive for swine flu and earlier a 20 year woman from Sector 40 was also tested positive for H1N1 virus. However, 2 patients who were admitted to Government Hospital, Sector 16 were discharged as their reports tested negative for swine flu virus.

Swine Flu is curable if it is detected at an early stage. TamilFlu medicine is given to the patient which kills the H1N1 virus. This medicine is available free of cost at PGI, Sector 16 hospital and Sector 32 hospital.

Precaution and cure of Swine Flu (Credits: Chandigarh Tribune)

 Anyone who feels that he has flu like symptoms, should go for a check up in any of the major Govt. hospitals listed above. Washing hands properly is a precaution which can be taken to prevent the swine flu virus.


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