Systematic Withdrawal Plan

Investment is considered one of the best strategies to save money these days. Though it may involve risk, the returns from such an investment will most of the time, be fruitful. Mutual funds are also among the best investment strategies most people use today. However, one may not feel like taking out the amount after investing in mutual funds. Here comes the Systematic Withdrawal Plan for you. You may now disinvest from the mutual funds monthly and earn accordingly at your convenience. In this article, we will learn a systematic withdrawal plan and the systematic withdrawal plan calculator

The systematic withdrawal plan calculator (SWP calculator) is used to calculate the amount that is supposed to be disinvested from the invested money. Before entering the calculation phase, let’s know about the systematic withdrawal plan (SWP). 

A systematic withdrawal plan is a kind of strategy that allows you to disinvest yourself from mutual funds. By following this process, you get the amount that you had invested into the mutual funds. Of course, you may be okay with redeeming the amount you invested. But you can disinvest and get the money in a monthly or yearly phase, etc. Therefore, you can withdraw your earnings and investments by process of installments, and you will have a flow of income regularly by proper use of SWP calculation

The Systematic withdrawal plan is opposite to the systematic investment plan. In the case of the systematic investment plan, you will be able to transfer the amount from your savings account and invest the same in mutual funds through monthly installments. Unlike a systematic investment plan, through a systematic withdrawal plan calculator (SWP calculator), your money will be credited to your savings account from the mutual funds every month. The systematic withdrawal plan is made easy through several apps such as the Moneyfy app, NAVI app, etc. The withdrawal of the amount is just a simple process. 

Working of Systematic Withdrawal Plan:

To enforce the systematic withdrawal plan, you need to be invested your money in any mutual fund. Later, you should withdraw a part of such money at regular intervals for some time. The withdrawals in the systematic withdrawal plan can be made yearly, monthly, and quarterly, and this can be calculated easily through the best SWP calculator. It will depend upon your convenience. 

However, if you withdraw such money from the mutual investments, you need to redeem or sell off your units in the mutual fund you hold. Also, the number of units that you need to redeem or sell off will be dependent upon the date on which you are making the withdrawal of the money. 

Advantages of Systematic Withdrawal Plan:

The advantages of systematic withdrawal will vary from one individual to the other. You can plan the systematic withdrawal based on your financial goals. The plan varies from a younger person to one who will retire. One can plan the same by the financial goals and promptly with an SWP interest rate. The systematic withdrawal plan will help you with the cash requirements without losing the benefits of the same in the secondary market. However, you might not get some lump sum of the investment, but better than that. 

You can also get the interest on the amount which is being into your savings account. This will help you with meeting the financial requirements. 

Systematic Withdrawal Plan Calculator:

As mentioned above, the systematic withdrawal plan is in which you invest and withdraw a certain amount you invested each month. However, calculating the amount you will get through monthly withdrawals takes a lot of work. So, the SWP calculator will assist you with the SWP calculation of the amount you might be withdrawing every month. It calculates the amount precisely and provides you with precise results. These calculators will make your calculations simple.

Before using the SWP return calculator, you must have the values you need to put into the calculator. The values you need are as follows: tenure of the investment, expected returns from the investment, and finally, the amount you invested into it. After having all these values with you, you can enter them in the calculator and calculate the same. The process is simple and quick.

Benefits of the SWP Calculator:

Generally, people who try to follow the scheme of the systematic disinvestment plan are those who are about to be retired or already retired because only these people want a fixed monthly income. The SWP plan calculator is perfect for those people in addition to the pension benefits which they avail. There are various online apps available for calculating the systematic withdrawal plan. They make your life easier. The following are the benefits you can avail of from the systematic withdrawal plan calculator. 

  1. The systematic withdrawal plan calculator will provide you with the returns on a monthly or yearly basis, whichever is desirable for you. In addition, the calculator helps to generate the values on a monthly or yearly basis, whichever you need. 
  2. The setting of the amount which you are willing to withdraw is easy through the calculator. You can increase or decrease the specified amount at your convenience. And the amount which you will be receiving will differ upon that. 
  3. The SWP calculator is easily accessible online. There are a lot of websites and apps where you can just input the values you have and get the output. 
  4. No expertise is needed to use the SWP calculator. It is quite easy to operate. You will be getting the results in no time. 

So, these are the advantages of the systematic withdrawal plan and the usage of the SWP calculator. Plan by the financial needs, and never try to refer some others’ plans because an individual’s financial requirements vary from others. 


Not only is the systematic withdrawal plan useful for persons at the age of retirement, but now – a – days younger generation is also using it for the same. The systematic withdrawal system is highly beneficial for those wishing to get a stable income each month without any dues. Also, the interest generated will be debited into your savings account, and you can withdraw the same. You can calculate the interest through the SWP calculator.

In case you are going to deal with any of the online apps or websites for a systematic withdrawal plan calculator or SWP, read the terms and conditions of the website thoroughly before proceeding with the systematic withdrawal plan because negligence in reading them might land you in difficult situations. Hence, to avoid the same read it carefully and enter into the agreements.


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