Taking Punjabi music to the highest realms of the music industry is Teji Johal

The more we look closely around us, the more likely do we find the many talented young artists around us. This is something that has been on the rise since the past few years, where the music industry as a whole has risen to much greater heights because of the onset of various new musical genres as well as the number of young and talented musical artists and singers. Especially when it comes to India, it is a country where music acts like culture and something that unites each and everyone through its power. With the rise of much western and pop music in the country, how could the Indian pop music remain behind? We came across a highly talented musical artist and a passionate singer originally from Punjab and currently living in the UK named Teji Johal, who has become in every sense of the world, the new king of the Bhangra and Punjabi Pop music scene.

Johal has been born and brought up in Punjab’s Tarn-Taran. Since his childhood, music was something that he always felt closer to, something that gave him his peace and that with which he felt an unusual connection. This connection was something that he always dreamt of turning into his reality and becoming a prominent name in the vast musical world.

After completing his Master’s Degree in IT, Johal started working in a standard 9-5 job structure; he even achieved great success into the same; however, since his heart always went towards music, he decided to leave his career in IT and go all-in for his love for music as an artist. His passion for music and the quest to become one of the leading names in the industry, made the UK-based young talent hone his skills, improve upon his talents and abilities and encouraged him to come up with his foot-tapping Punjabi Pop music and songs.

His pure love and passion for Punjabi Bhangra music catapulted him as the emerging star in the pop music world. The proof is his debut single called “Fantasy” that became a massive hit across the global music market. From participating in inter-school music competitions to becoming a popular Punjabi Pop singer today, Johal has even released songs along with Amar Audio and Whitehill music. Johal also has his YouTube channel called “Teji Johal Music”.

What’s even more amazing about this rising musical star is that he has associated with MixSingh, an award-winning music producer. Johal’s latest single ‘Slim Waist’ got released in March this year and since then has been creating a rage in the musical world by garnering more than 200K views and still counting.

The young Punjabi Pop artist is also all pumped up to release yet another brand new single of his super soon.


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