Tata Motors Announce Major Price Cut Post GST | Here Are New Prices of Tata Cars

Tata Motor cars experienced a drop in its prices post GST. After the implication of GST [Goods and Service Tax] in India on 1st July 2017, there have been many major transitions across the sectors. Amongst those sectors is the automobile industry. In the automotive industry, this new taxation norm has brought major changes and slashing of prices across most of the cars and bikes brands. It is also seen that there are some of the automobile companies whose prices are increased post GST. After the Maruti Suzuki, Ford, Honda now, Tata Motors has also been added to the list of the automobile companies whose prices are slashed down after GST implementation. Depending upon the model, the prices of the Tata Motors have been reduced by the amount of INR 3300 and INR 217,000.

Prices of Tata M0tors Car Brands Dropped Post GST

Where the company is suffering through these changes, there, it is a good news for all those who are waiting to buy Hexa, Tigor and other Tata Models of cars.

After the GST implementation, Tata has reduced its prices to 12% across its models including entry level Tata Nano and going to the flagship model Tata Hexa MUV that was launched earlier this year.

The news of price reduction of the car models like Tigor and the Tiago came out as a good news. These models by Tata Motors were already competitively priced. Tata motor new price list for its models still awaited. It can be expected that you will see a great price drop down on its models like Tata Safari Storme, Hexa, Tiag and Tigor.

As per the norm of the GST, cars across the different segments have seen a price slashed between 1.7 percent [all-sub 4-metre models] to 12 percent [SUVs and larger than 4 meters]. Also, the prices of the hybrid cars have increased as the new GST imposed on them is 43 percent that is way higher than the previous 30.3 percent.


Tata Motors has had very disappointing June, this year as the sale rate dropped by 5 percent in year on year growth. It was not all in the shadow of dark though, where the sales dropped for Tata motors, some models bloomed with the fine sale rate like Tiago managed to acquire 1 Lakh bookings in more than a year.

In the latest scenario, with the slashing down of the prices of the Tata Motor Car models, it is expected that the brand will perform better this month for the manufacturer. Also, the Luxury arm – Jaguar Land Rover has already passed on the GST benefits across its model range.

Stay with us to find out about the new post GST prices of different cars by Tata Motors.

Source: NDTV

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