New Tata Nano Electric (Jayem Neo) Model Added To Ola Cabs Fleet To Curb Air Pollution Crisis

India’s most ambitious automaker Tata has decided to put an end to the pollution crisis in Delhi with the Tata Nano electric. The electric vehicle will be made by Jayem which is a Coimbatore based brand that used to make powerful performance variants of Tata vehicles earlier. Tata will sell the Nano sans the engine to Jayem which will then build the Nano with Electra EV’s electric motor. The country’s very own cab company OLA will get the first batch of 400 Tata Nano electric cars.

Tata Nano electric to be sold to OLA under the name Jayem Neo

The Tata Nano electric will not wear the Tata badge on the OLA cabs that will be sourced from Jayem. The car will be named Jayem Neo and will come with a ‘powered by Electra EV’ monicker on the side doors. Jayem will not be selling the Tata Nano electric to private owners for now and will limit is to the cab fleet however, there have been reports that it might change at a later date.

Reports also suggest that Tata will sell the Nano itself too at a later stage on its own. Since the Indian Government’s stance to make India an electric car market by 2030, country’s very own car manufacturer Tata has been very ambitious to get a head start in the race and hence also developed the Tigor electric which sits above Nano in the Indian car market. As much as 10,000 Tigor electric sedans are to be sold to EESL as a part of Tata’s first contract.

The Jayem Neo or the Tata Nano electric will be launched by PM Modi in Hyderabad

The Jayem Neo which is essentially a Tata Nano electric car will be launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Hyderabad. The car has a full range of 200 kilometres on a single charge which drops to 140 kilometres with four passengers and AC on.

The Jayem Neo produces a peak power of 23BHP and weighs 800 kilograms. The Tata Nano on which the Neo is essentially built on in comparison weighs 680 kilograms. Expect Jayem’s Nano to cost somewhere between 5-6 lakhs or even more since the price has not been disclosed.

Source: Autocar

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