Tata Nexon XZ Launched | We Explain Who Should Buy This Variant

The Tata Nexon XZ is a slightly cheaper offering if the features of the XZ+ variant do not make sense for you

Tata Nexon is one very popular car and there is no denying that. However stiff competition from the likes of Maruti Suzuki Brezza and the Ford Ecosport has spoiled the fun for the new entrant which drew high sale volumes initially. Another problem with the car was the huge gap between the XT and XZ+ variants which the company now wants to bridge with the new Tata Nexon XZ.

The new Tata Nexon XZ is launched in India at a price of 7.99 Lakhs for the petrol and 8.99 Lakhs for the diesel power train. This means that the people who were missing out on important features in the XT and did not want to spend 9.45 Lakhs for the XZ+ now have the option to buy the XZ variant of the Tata Nexon.

Who Should Buy The Tata Nexon XZ Variant?

First a disclaimer, we do strongly feel that the top models make the best sense irrespective of what car you’re choosing but when things come down to the Tata Nexon XZ is a variant we would have no problems recommending. We have some pretty solid arguments to back that up. Most of the features that are missing in the car are purely cosmetic like alloy wheels and day time running lamps. The dual tone sunroof as reported by several other agencies costed an additional 20,000 Rupees over Tata Nexon XZ+ variant so we aren’t taking that into consideration.

However some features that will surely be missed on the Tata Nexon XZ are the front and rear seat arm rests, 60:40 split seats, front and rear fog lamps, and a rear defogger. Engine Start/Stop button and smart key entry are also not part of the package. The lack of these features in a car worth 8-9 Lakhs can be troublesome in a few situations for Tata Nexon XZ owners.

Coming to the features, touchscreen infotainment on the Tata Nexon is intact on the XZ model which comes with Android Auto connectivity. Height adjust for the driver’s seat and seat belts is also part of the package.

Who Should Buy the Tata Nexon XZ and Who Should Upgrade To XZ+?

People living in hilly areas should definitely buy the Tata Nexon XZ+ as the lack of rear defogger and fog lamps is not just inconvenient but down right dangerous. However, if you are a young entrepreneur living in the city and want modern features like a touchscreen and do not mind the missing alloy wheels then Tata Nexon XZ makes up for a perfect car for you.


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