Tata Tigor EV is a Revolutionary Step | Mahindra to launch Electric Cars by 2019

Tata Motors has offered next-generation mobility to the country by launching the first batch of Tigor Electric from its Sanand plant in Gujarat. The first electric car Reva was launched in India by Chetan Maini in the year 2001. Mahindra and Mahindra acquired Reva in 2010 and launched the first electric car under the name e2o in 2013. Now Mahindra manufactures electric vehicles under the hatchback, sedan cars, commercial vehicles and cargo carriers.

Tata Rolled out 10, 000 Tigor EVs for EESL

Tata Tigor recently rolled out its first batch of 10,000 Tigor EVs that will be used by the government agency, Energy Efficiency Services Ltd. (EESL). Tata got the EESL tender for electric cars in September 2017. Tata and Mahindra both made a bid for the EESL tender but Mahindra lost and the tender was offered to Tata Motors. Later Mahindra also got an offer to sell 150 Electric Verito EVs to the EESL. The first batch of 10,000 Electric Vehicles by Tata Motors for a government body makes it the historic and revolutionary movement.

Mahindra to Launch Three Electric Cars by 2019

The Tigor EV rollout shows the Tata Motors willingness and support for the government’s initiative of at least 40 percent electric cars on road by 2030. Mahindra and Mahindra also announced to launch three new performance electric cars by 2019 – 20. Mahindra’s new Electric cars will have top speeds of 190 kmph, 185 kmph and 150 kmph. These cars will also have a long range of 350 km, 300 km and 250 km. This means that Mahindra has now bigger plans to support the government’s plan of electric vehicles by 2030.

What Maruti Suzuki Chairman said for EVs

The Chairman of the Maruti Suzuki India said in a press meet that Electric vehicles will not be successful in India due to lack of charging infrastructure. Another point is that electric cars are costlier than the existing petrol and diesel options. People won’t buy electric cars as they cost almost double as compared to their petrol and diesel variants.

However, the Tata Tigor roll out indicates India’s readiness to adopt the electric vehicles. Moreover, the government’s initiative will encourage the Indian car manufacturers to take further steps for the Electric vehicle’s project. The government may also take steps to create new policies and infrastructure for the proper adoption of electric vehicles across the country.

Source: Economictimes


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