Tata Tigor Will Be Cheapest Electric Car in India | Will Push To An All Electric Car Market By 2030

TATA Tigor electric will be the cheapest electric car and will push for a move to make India an all-electric car market by 2030 by the Government. The move is being considered as too ambitious by industry experts for India that has no infrastructure for electric vehicles. Some automakers like TATA though have already started working towards developing all electric cars in India that will soon dominate the automotive market and the first step in this direction is the TATA Tigor electric.

Tata Tigor Electric Will Be The Most Affordable 5-Seater Electric Vehicle For the Masses.

Tata Tigor Electric will have a huge advantage over other cars in India. The only other electric vehicles in India are Mahindra e20, Verito and the Toyota Prius. The Mahindra e20 is very compact car and feels a little claustrophobic but Tata Tigor Electric will offer the affordable electric technology to the masses in a car of same dimensions. Tata Tigor electric generates 40BHP of peak power and can do 150 kilometres on a full charge. The running cost for the vehicle stands at 0.25 Rupees per kilometre making it very frugal in the Indian market. Tata has already received an order of 10,000 Tata Tigor electric by the EESL.

Automakers are worried for the sudden shift to All Electric Cars in India.

When it comes to electric cars in India, there aren’t a lot of options to choose from. From the Mahindra e20, Verito to the Toyota Prius there is huge gap in between that once saw the growth in hybrid vehicles in the country. Things changed in 2017, when the government introduced the new GST tax which brought the total taxes on hybrid vehicles to 43% and there was a sudden decline in the sales. But since India looks to make the country’s auto market all-electric by 2030, most major automakers have started developing electric cars in India and TATA Tigor electric will be the first one to see the light of day. TATA Tigor electric will be followed by electric cars by Mahindra and Honda but there are still some major auto makers that have no expertise in the electric car market and are worried about their position. Recently Toyota announced a partnership with India’s most selling brand Maruti Suzuki to develop the technology for electric cars in India.

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