Technological Trends of 2020 that Will Impact Our Lives Significantly

The series of development and evolutions that one can find in the domain of technology are the ones that lead to growth in this field. Technology needs to evolve, and it needs innovation to keep from perishing, and much like every year, this year too, looks propitious in the field of technology. There are several trends that one can spot in this space, and some of the innovations are outright groundbreaking. We shall delve into discussing the details of these trends over the length and breadth of the article, and examine how these shall impact our lives over our course of life. 

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has always found its utility in several aspects of our lives. From enhancing the security of networks and websites using biometrics to enhancing the user experience, AI has touched our lives in more ways than we can ever think. Most of the websites, like some trusted online casinos and gaming sites, use the technology of Artificial Intelligence to resolve their security issues.

And now, after having significantly upgraded the various security systems, Artificial Intelligence is about to take over the manufacturing industry in ways that we had not fathomed. Emotion Recognition and Computer Vision shall expand and scale, and the area of manufacturing shall benefit from this substantially.

Implementing the Internet of Things (IoT):

The Internet of Things has been creating quite a lot of noise for some time now, and for good enough reasons. However, there has not yet been widespread acceptance and deployment of the IoT. But with the use of 5G this year, it is expected that more devices can be connected and connectivity with the IoT will scale. A very recent implementation of IoT can be seen in Amazon’s latest innovation Amazon Go. An ecosystem with the right implementation of IoT shall use more vision technologies and sensors, and these bits shall help in scaling organizations by contributing to efficiency and connectivity. 

Edge Computing Power Processing:

Since human beings only move forward and the needs of the age only increase, the demand from computers and bots to tweak productivity and enhance efficiency only rises. Edge Computing Power Processing comes as the much-needed welcome relief in this direction. It processes things quickly, quicker than our normal computing systems and has better sensors. The system makes use of high-performing AI chips or neuromorphic chips that morphs the structure of human brains to process complex algorithms. 

The Aerospace Technologies Shall See An Upward Rising Curve:

Perhaps the most crucial piece of development or trend, if you will, this year would be the evolution of the aerospace technologies. The leading names to provide a thrust to this endeavor are SpaceX and Blue Origin. In fact, according to the information we have so far, SpaceX is investing its resources in developing the rocket Starship that attempts to reuse the entire body of the vehicle. With this explosive invention, intercontinental trips could use Space as a connecting route and trim the duration of the trip by 20 to 30 minutes. 

Evolution of Health Care Shall Remain a Trend this Year Too:

Health care and the chain of developments it sees with every passing day can never go out of trend, because the right to good health is the primary need of every human being and not a luxury. This is something that you cannot do without. If your health does not permit you to go about your endeavors, you cannot keep up with any trend. Therefore, this year too, the evolution of the health care systems, especially that of geriatric health shall remain a priority, and predictions shall be made at a genome level. Companies shall start using the process of genomic analysis to make a diagnosis and prevent diseases from exacerbating. 


Technology has been changing the world forever, and this space shall only keep surging forwards in leaps and bounds. From the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed, we are surrounded by technology. And this increasing dependence on technology has also given rise to debates about how far human beings have become slaves to technology. However, that is a story that we can tell some other day. For now, these are the trends that we must look forward to for the remaining of the year and hope to make the most out of the same.  


Ajay Deep

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