Tejas High Speed Trains to Run on Delhi-Chandigarh Rail Track | 11 Things to Know

Chandigarh to Delhi journeys is very soon going to be much relaxed and comfortable as the high-speed train between Delhi and Chandigarh are starting. The Tejas Express train which has been manufactured in India will travel between Delhi and Chandigarh at a speed of 160 km/hr.

The Tejas Express train will be having Wi-Fi facility, LCD screens, UCB charging ports and also bio-toilets.The Tejas Express train will be handed over by RCF (Rail Coach Factory) to the Northern Railway in Kapurthala on May 15, 2017.

High-Speed Train Between Delhi & Chandigarh 

11 Things You Must Know

The high-speed train between Delhi and Chandigarh is starting soon and passengers will now have hassle free journey. You must know the following things about the upcoming Tejas Express between Delhi and Chandigarh:

1. The upcoming high-speed train between Delhi and Chandigarh can go up to 200 km per hour.

2. The high-speed train will be having a total of 70 seats, there will be 56 seats in the executive class

3. The high-speed train between Delhi and Chandigarh will be having 19 coaches in the first rake which includes 16 AC chair cars, 2 executive chair cars.

4. It is expected that the train will run by this month, the final decision will be taken by the railway board.

5. The high-speed train which will run between Delhi and Chandigarh was earlier planned to run between Goa and Delhi.

6. The next two rakes are being manufactured and the Surat and Mumbai train in this series will run by March 2018.

7. The Delhi – Chandigarh high-speed train has been built in 6 months and Rs. 3.25 crore have been spent on each coach.

8.The doors of the high-speed train will be controlled from guard panel.

9. The train will provide a good sound and heat insulation as it has automatic plug doors

10. The high speed will be going the aeroplane way as it will have bio-toilets, the flushes in the train will also have vacuum evacuation. Soap dispenser and sensor tapes will also be present in the new high-speed train between Delhi and Chandigarh.

11. Last but not the least, the high-speed train will have a Wi-fi facility, will also have seat belts on each seat. Just like aeroplanes, the passengers can also call the attendant for help.

Source: The New Indian Express, Image Source = Hindustan Times

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