Temple Priest During Day & a Thief During Night, This Man Looted Crores in Chandigarh

In a one of its kind incident, a temple priest has been found guilty of numerous thefts in Chandigarh. The said priest used to take care of a temple during day time but used to loot money & jewelry from houses in Chandigarh during night. A priest of a reputed temple making robberies at people’s house might seem unusual to many. But, it is true and here’s the entire story.

Ravi, a pujari at a temple in Kalka and resident of Panchkula used to roam about in Chandigarh and keep a vigil on some houses in various sectors. He used to live a lavish lifestyle, watch movies at night and used to roam about in a stolen car. This pujari was also fond of travelling and had gone to various location by air.

Thefts by Pujari in Chandigarh

This pujari looted over Rs. 1 crore from different houses in Chandigarh. He used to select houses upon his survey and then commit the crime of stealing cash, jewelry and other valuables by entering that house during night.

As the police has now arrested him, he has admitted to his crimes which include:

  • Burglary in a Sector 36 house which is owned by the head of a pharmaceutical company. Cash and jewellery worth Rs 50-60 lakh were stolen. He struck the house when the entire family was asleep.
  • on May 16, 2015, the priest entered a house in Sector 18 which belongs to a retired person while the family was asleep. He stole valuables worth Rs 35 lakh from this house.
  • Earlier on 8th May, this pujari burgled a house in Panchkula. It was in connection to this theft that he was arrested by the Panchkula police.
  • Upon his arrest, he has admitted to various other small and big thefts across Chandigarh & Panchkula.

It was reveled during interrogation that the priest used to commit the crime single handedly, without the help of any second person. Ravi’s (Pujari’s) wife was also not aware about the crime being committed. He always told her that he has got a lot of followers who are giving him money.

Owns Big House and was Constructing a Temple

This pujari owns a big house in Surajpur, Panchkula and was also constructing a big temple near his residence. He had already spent over Rs. 50 Lakh in the construction of the temple and all the money for that came from the thefts.

The motive of this post is to spread information about a true incident and not to spread any kind of disrespect against any temple or priest.

Source: The Tribune

If you a religious person and still indulge in bad deeds, always remember that the end is gonna be worse. Love humanity, respect people and live with what God has given you. Himan nature is to acquire more wealth, but in this case, work hard to achieve it – Ajay Deep.


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