9 Temporary Fire Stations Set Up in Chandigarh Ahead of Diwali 2017

Diwali in Chandigarh: Diwali 2017 is just around the corner and the Chandigarh city is painted all excited. It is that time of the year when all the houses are lit with diyas and most households retort to burning crackers. However, this enthusiasm with crackers among the people brings along a question of safety with it.

To address this very question Chandigarh Administration has taken some precautionary steps. The administration has decided to set up nine temporary fire stations in and around the densely populated areas of Chandigarh.

Temporary fire stations will be put up in densely populated areas of Chandigarh:

The Chandigarh Administration had proposed a list of few sites where the cracker vendors were to put up their shops. The fire stations will be set up around these areas as well as some other markets of the Chandigarh town which fetch huge crowds. The Jama Masjid ground in Sector 20, Nehru Park in Sector 22, Sector 43 near Attawa roundabout, open area in Ram Darbar Phase 2, housing board light point in Manimajra, Mandi ground in Sector 29, and near open area of Sector 45 and Sector 46. These temporary fire stations will eliminate the loss of life and property in Chandigarh. These fire stations will deploy firemen from Wednesday morning until late Thursday night in Chandigarh.

Diwali is the busiest night for firemen of Chandigarh:

The Chandigarh Administration has cancelled the leaves of up to 280 firemen in the city. These firemen will be deployed at temporary fire stations inside the city with over four men in each station. The firemen will be available around the clock and will ensure help is available immediately in case of an accident. At a time when almost all the people granted leaves for the festival in Chandigarh, these firemen are asked to stay on duty for our safety. Their families are left to celebrate Diwali without them. We hope their sacrifice does not go in vain and we take proper care of burning diyas and crackers around us.

Chandigarh Metro hopes we all celebrate Diwali responsibly and ensure there is no fire accident due to our negligence.

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Source: Times of India


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