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The new season began with another victory of Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open. Serbian tennis player won another hard-court tournament leaving almost no chances for his rivals.

This victory also enabled him to gain a foothold as the leader of the world ranking. Now, the gap between him and his competitors has increased. Moreover, despite the fact that Djokovic plays in a small number of tournaments, it is due to the quality of his play that he still remains the world ranking leader.

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However, tennis is far from being the only athletic discipline that registered users will be able to bet on here. Now, on website it’s easy to start making forecasts for match-ups from all over the world.

An extremely interesting competition can be seen in Spain in fighting for places in the Champions League zone. Atletico is still not in its best shape. Over the past few years, Diego Simeone’s team has got its fans used to the fact that they are fighting for the champion title. However, now the situation is uneasy for them.

In summer, the Mattresses spent more than 200 million euros on transfers. However, at the same time the club lost a number of its leaders. It became clear that it will be quite difficult for the club to tap into the fight between Real and Barcelona.

You can watch football online to see it for yourself. Despite the fact that Atletico had quite a good start of the season, in winter the situation began to gradually deteriorate. However, there should be no problems with getting into the Champions League zone. This can be seen from the following:

  1. The head coach’s extensive experience, who has been in charge of the team for almost 10 years.
  2. The players high class. Atletico has almost the most stellar squad in Spain. It is clear that having such a players selection, the club must fight for the champion title. However, it fights only for a ticket to the Champions League, since the players need time to achieve good teamwork.
  3. A long players’ bench.

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