Teri Deevani – Pav Dharia (Cover) Song | Watch Official Video

It seems Pav Daria is here to touch some love chords with his latest cover Teri Deevani. The singer who virtually made the music listeners across the world dance to the tunes of his last hit foot tapping number Na Ja is back again with Teri Deevani (Cover) that has been originally sung by Bollywood Singer Kailash Kher.

Pav Daria’s Teri Deevani

If you have heard the original song by Kailash Kher, you would catch the difference in both the songs in the very first couplet that gives Kailash Kher’s Teri Deevani an upper hand of being the original song in the musical arena. Pav Daria has tried his best to render Kailash Kher’s Teri Deevani song who is known for his upper notes. Pav Daria’s Teri Deevani has numerous differences which gives the Teri Deevani by Pav Daria a newness to the song and makes it worth listening. The lyrics have been modified a little in Pav Daria’s Teri Deevani and the composition too has been created to make it a little dissimilar from the original composition. The song has beautifully retained the essence of the original song which majorly lies in its lyrics and its music. Pav Daria has not improvised too much on the lyrics and music ends to keep it similar to the original but yes, he has added his feelings to song.

Teri Deevani Pav Daria (Cover) | Official Video

Difference between the videos

The video by Kailash Kher has a story that showcases couple of love stories, all running alongside and each showcasing one or the other face of love in it. Though in Pav Daria’s Teri Deevani the song has been picturised on the singer and there are two dancers who seem to be engrossed in their dance to the tunes of the song. In the original song the title ‘Teri Deevani’ has been beautifully justified by the video but the one by Pav Daria lacks the relatable essence in the song and is tough it becomes tough for the viewer to find a connection between the title of the song — ‘Teri Deevani’ with the video.

If you haven’t heard the original song by Kailash Kher here’s your chance to hear it and compare the two.

Teri Deevani by Kailash Kher 

Note: As a music lover, it is important to understand the fact that an original song will always have a deeper effect on the hearts of those who understand the nuances of music. But this doesn’t mean one should stop experimenting with new challenges in the arena.

It’s time to hear Pav Daria’s Teri Deevani from a fresh approach and enjoy the song.

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